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    Mid Life Crisis

    by Wyclef Jean

    I bet most people wish they could suffer a Mid Life Crisis like this. Check out this truly crazy music video from hip-hop superstar, Wyclef Jean.


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  2. Today at Grooveshark we are getting ready for the weekend. This means less words and more photos. We have put together a little montage of some truly awesome, recent Grooveshark photos for you all. We saved the best for last. Enjoy!

    Wyclef Jean visited the Grooveshark office in New York today! As you can see from the photo everyone is excited out of their minds.

    One of our sharks sent us a picture of their bunny, Hef, wearing some sweet Grooveshark shades.

    Grooveshark employees are committed.

    D-Roc of the Ying Yang Twins representing Grooveshark in Atlanta today.

    The official Halloween mascot, Catcher. 

    Fanny packs are so back in style!

    Hope you sharks enjoyed our photo montage as much as we did! We enourage anyone to send us pictures of themselves listening to Grooveshark or sporting some Grooveshark gear. Send it to us via Facebook or Twitter. Oh and it’s almost Friday!