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Southern rock gets an urban twist in the form of breakout artist D.P.’s new album While We’re Still Young (out nationwide September 10) – and this self-classified genre of “piano-rap” is sure to shake up your Wednesday.  

Drawing inspiration from his early training in classical music, days of touring dimly lit dive bars, and the opposing genres of pop-rock and hip-hop, D.P.’s sound is like the Zac Brown Band got a rhythmic facelift. 

The catchy chorus to standout track “Make It On My Own” borrows from the famous Whitesnake lyrics, “I’m gonna make it on my own / going down the only road I’ve ever known,” and the themes of independence and self-driven success are hammered in by a propelling beat and harmonica.  The song “I Ain’t Dead Yet” is an upbeat anthem where D.P. preaches “this is life, this is livin’” and waxes poetic about whiskey and women.

With a style spanning the genres, D.P.’s sound is unique yet accessible. And you can experience it by streaming on Grooveshark, here.

While We’re Still Young is also out on iTunes today for purchase. For updates on where D.P. is touring and when, follow him on Twitter and fan him on Facebook