1. For all of our very special users enjoying the perks of Grooveshark Anywhere, try out our latest themes by heading to the gear icon on Grooveshark. For anyone not enjoying the perks of Grooveshark Anywhere, take a peek at all the eye candy we are serving up on the site.  



    Ana Montiel(@anamontiel)

    Markovka (@pridumalaru)


    Markovka(@pridumalaru), Maxime Francout(@maximefrancout)

    Jeshurun Webb (@JeshurunDesigns), Scott Balmer (@scott_balmer)


    Elena Bolis (@ElenaBolis), Ruby Taylor (@Rubytaylor7)

  2. More Aesthetic Awesomeness for Your Thematic Desires!
        Since the last time we gave an update on custom themes, we’ve added a ton of custom themes that have been contributed by some particularly awesome artists. Check them out below!
        If you have a subscription to Grooveshark Anywhere or Grooveshark Plus, click the image or theme name below to see the full-size version of the theme on Grooveshark.

    Rubens LP

    Rubens is an illustrator from São Paulo, Brasil, and is interested everything visual arts, mainly figurative art.
    Website: http://www.rubenslp.com.br/
    Twitter: @Rubenslp

    Left: Flautista
    Right: Violinista

    Sean Kelly

    Designer / Illustrator
    Website: http://cargocollective.com/seankelly
    Dribbble: http://dribbble.com/S.KELLY

    Left: Gleam
    Right: The Fountain

    Anna Deegan

    Anna Deegan is a full-time web designer working and living in Dublin, Ireland. In her free time she works on collaboration, freelance and commissioned illustration and design projects.
    Website: annadeegan.com
    Facebook: Anna on Facebook

    Left: Heart of Hearts
    Right :Petit Birds


    Left: Turkish Coffee by Greg Puglese
    Greg Puglese is an Illustrator, Designer and Musician
    currently residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    Website: http://www.gregpuglese.com/
    Contact: greg@gregpuglese.com

    Right: Listening Party by Emory Allen
    Illustrator of beasts and letters.
    Website: www.ocularinvasion.com/
    Twitter: @ocularinvasion


    Left: Sounds of the Lake by Matt Chase
    Matt Chase is a designer & illustrator living and
    working in Washington, DC.
    Website: http://chasematt.com/Matt Chase
    Twitter: @doble_entendre
    Dribbble: dribbble.com/doble_entendre

    Right: Rock & Roll Music City by Sander Legrand
    Graphic Designer
    Website: gravual.com/
    Twitter: @gravual
    Dribbble: dribbble.com/gravual


    Left: Escape by Luke Lisi
    A designer from Kansas City, Kansas.
    Website: work.lisidesign.com/
    Twitter: @lisidesign
    Dribbble: dribbble.com/lisidesign

    Right: Great White by Chase Kunz
    Chase Kunz is a designer and illustrator from Seattle.
    Website: chasekunz.com/
    Twitter: @SpoonsKunz


    Left: Foodie by Wesley Bird
    He is Wesley Bird. He designs, he paints, he draws,
    he takes random pictures. He also really like mustaches.
    Website: wesleybird.com/

    Left: Untitled by Tymn Armstrong
    Designer / Illustrator / Director / Thinker / Maker /
    Cinephile / Record Enthusiast / Collector of things.
    Website: www.tymnarmstrong.com
    Twitter: @tymnarmstrong
    Dribbble: dribbble.com/Tymn

    Love and Sweet Designs,

  3. Sheer aesthetic awesomness for your thematic desires!

            All about those various custom themes you have access to pick from with your Grooveshark subscription? We’re pretty excited about some of the themes that we’ve been adding lately, so it seemed a great opportunity to share! Without further adieu, we present three old themes brought back by popular demand, Fall, Cugini the Genie, and Shark Island, as well as some new themes by specially featured artists and designers, such as Instruments by Seth Nickerson, These Eyes by Karen Kurycki, and Shapecity by Luke Ramsey. Catch a glimpse of the latest themes below, but click the individual links at the bottom for the full effect.

    Protip:    If you really like a particular theme’s design, you can link to the artist’s website by clicking their logo to check out other amazing artwork by that featured artist.

    A quick view of some of the new themes!

    These Eyes is by designer/illustrator Karen Kurycki.

    Chirp chirp
    Returning once again, the well-loved Fall theme.

            All of these themes are available to Grooveshark Plus or Anywhere subscribers view the “Themes” menu at the bottom right of the Search page. Keep an eye on updates and additions; we look forward to putting out some awesome site themes this year.
            Are you a designer yourself, or know someone who is, and interested in having a Grooveshark theme specially featuring your work? Send an e-mail to designerthemes@grooveshark.com with a bit about yourself, a link to your portfolio, and a few samples of what designs you might like to see featured on Grooveshark. We look forward to hearing from you!

    For your convenience, links to the new themes are listed again below. Enjoy!
    Cugini the Genie
    Shark Island

    Love & thematic grooves,

    Edit:    Linking to designer websites. Added protip. :)

  4. It’s Thursday- which means it’s time for another breakdown of the latest artist themes added on Grooveshark! If you haven’t switched up your theme lately, add some flare to your background and listen to some incredible music at the same time by selecting one of the new artist themes below:

    Olivia Somerlyn



    Uncle Ill


  5. We’re continuing to roll out brand new themes for you each week, and today we want to highlight this week’s themes which feature some awesome artists. 

    Check out some of our favorites below:

    Pete RG


    Quiet Company 

    Viva Brother

    Head on over to each of these themes to listen to their EP, pre-order tickets to their tour, or watch their latest music video!

  6. Wanna spruce up your Grooveshark homepage? Check out some of the latest themes we’ve launched!

    Every shark can add these groovy new artist themes:

    Candyman187- High Off the Fame

    Mat Musto- Year of the Black Bear

    And, for our Plus and Anywhere Subscribers, we released this super handy Calendar theme that changes as the months go by.


    In case you’ve been left in the dark, the theme selector is located on the right-hand side of the home page, above the queue.

    What theme are you rockin’?

  7. Hey Sharks, happy Friday! Though we typically announce new themes on Thursday (for alliterative purposes), we’re so pumped about this week’s collection that we’re including them in our Fave Friday post. 

    Enough with the intro though, let’s cut to the chase. Here’s a sampling of some of the themes that went live this week:

    Will Brennan’s The Road Not Taken

    The Sony Xperia (for Grooveshark users in Mexico)



    And for those of you country music fans, we’ve got a theme featuring new artist Justin Moore and his album “Oulaws Like Me.”

    Head on over to the site to preview the album and to check out highlights from a live performance. 

    Have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend, everyone!

  8. groovesharkartists:

    Grooveshark’s got a whole slew of new artist themes, including the recently launched Grooveshark Sessions from Hangout Festival! The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, a non-profit mobile recording studio, recently joined forces with Grooveshark to help us realize the third installment of Grooveshark Sessions. Together, our audience (you!) and their resources (a top-of-the-line HD recording studio equipped with full-time sound and video engineers), managed to create some pretty amazing videos featuring Dead Confederate, Matisyahu, and Katawompus.

    Check out Dead Confederate’s resulting video below:

    Read More

  9. For our Plus and Anywhere Subscribers, we released a new theme this week; James Rizzi has created this super-colorful avian masterpiece for your desktop delight.

    We like to have some fun around the office on Friday — so we do. We’re releasing at least three new shirts in the merch store real soonlike, and decided we’d take a little time and have a real life photoshoot. Big thanks to Rebekah, Rachel, Spenser, and Tilton for coming along for the ride. Here are some of the highlights:

  10. Designer themes? Grooveshark’s got ‘em. Our designers have turned it up to 11 to provide you with some of the grooviest art to compliment your listening experience.

    First, all users will be able to access Groovin’ and Sharkin’. For this theme, we translated one of the works of MarcPaperScissor, a maker of intricate paper-cut pieces, into digital image:

    Premium users will be able to access all these other new themes from the theme selector. The theme selector is located on the right-hand side of the home page, above the queue.

    From James' theme-a-day project, we've got Campfire, which is lovely and subtly detailed, and Chilly Hills:

    Next, from designer Taurean Bryant, we’ve got Cheeter and Tragedy, which strikes me as being creepily beautiful.

    Lastly, our designer Scott has created Circleism. He says, “I was thinking about fractals and tidal waves and wanted to see what it would take to combine the aspects.”

    Enjoy, and have a great weekend.

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