1. Play, pause, and turn up the volume on your favorite Grooveshark playlists without ever touching your mouse, thanks to the technology of Leap Motion.


    With the Leap Motion controller’s motion-sensor technology, Grooveshark users can navigate throughout their entire queue, enjoy their favorite playlists, and experience everything they love about using Grooveshark, without having to toggle between different windows, or dealing with clunky hardware.

    Grooveshark’s new full-screen play mode for Leap makes multi-tasking even easier. Whether you are finishing up some Spring cleaning, or hosting a party, simply wave your hand in front of the device to keep the tunes going during your listening session.


    More about Leap Motion:

  2. Hey Sharks, we have quite a few awesome changes this week!


    • Notifications: We’re now showing more notifications in the dropdown. If you have more than 4, you’ll see a scrollbar.
    • Recent Listens: Users now have the option to ‘clear all’ listens. (This can be found by clicking ‘see all’ on the recent listens list and choosing the option from the gear menu.)
    • Queue Page: You can now drag songs to reorder your queue.
    • Player Area: Broadcast voting icons now turn orange when you click them.

    As always, we have fixed a ton of bugs that were reported by our awesome users, like you!

    If you have any trouble feel free to email us at support@grooveshark.com.

  3. Eye Tracking Grooveshark from Simple Focus on Vimeo.

    Even superheroes have allies. 

    It’s our mission to continually provide easy-to-access, unlimited, free streaming to our users. With every great mission, such as ours, a helpful assist from some comrades can nearly always gets the job done a little better. Check out this clip from our friends at Simple Focus showcasing how they assisted us after our release of the new Grooveshark last fall. 

  4. Hi Sharks! In an effort to keep you all more informed we are going to start bringing you a weekly blog post about the changes and updates that we make to the site.

    Here is the list for this week!


    • We have moved the history list. You can now find the link to it on the top right of the currently playing song area.
    • Some of our Broadcast stats have been renamed.
    • ‘Listens’ has been changed to ‘Current Plays’ on the Broadcast page.
    • Added ‘Plays’ which is your all-time listens.
    • Broadcasters now have ‘Take Over’ functionality.You can now switch a broadcast from one computer to another by signing in to your same account and clicking the ‘take over’.
    • New ‘Auto-Approve’ Suggestions Feature. This is an option in the broadcasters edit section. If turned on, suggestions will be automatically added to the queue if your music runs out. Suggestions are added in order of up-vote popularity.
    • “Recent Broadcasts” has been added to the broadcast page to help you find broadcasts you’ve been listening to.

    We have also included quite a few tweaks and bug fixes that should make your experience on Grooveshark better!

    If you have any trouble feel free to email us at support@grooveshark.com.