1. Good Afternoon Sharks!

    RC16 is coming out tomorrow, and should include a fix to everyone’s widget woes (in which you cannot export a playlist via widget on the site). If you’re dying for widgets, you can always build them on our Widget Site!

    We’re happy to announce that we’re continuing our donation campaign with Pandas International The shirts will be back in stock soon! For more great deals, check out our Merch Store!

    We were at @LessConf this weekend, meeting the Southeast’s best and brightest and having ourselves a time in Hotlanta. We gave our new friend @JasonKoertge some swag, and he passed it along to his adorable son! Look at that lil’ Grooveshark!

    Want to share a picture of yourself in Grooveshark Swag? We’ll feature you on the blog! Send us pics to pics@grooveshark.com, or holler at us on Facebook and Twitter!

  2. It has been a great year here at Grooveshark, and I am incredibly thankful for everyone’s support, style, and super-awesomeness. 

    This Thanksgiving, everyone at Grooveshark wants to let you know that what we’re really grateful for is your help. It sounds incredibly true cheesy, and it is, but Grooveshark literally could not function without everyone here.

    Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about the changes that are coming to Grooveshark VIP. We want to do everything we can to make sure that all of you who have supported Grooveshark get taken care of before the prices of VIP increase. With that in mind, we’ve added something new to our merch store.  

    In addition to getting the absolute best we have to offer for just $3 a month (or $30 a year) forever if you get it before December 1, we’ve also just put some awesome earrings into the Grooveshark Store that come with a free year of VIP. Get some sweet earrings for you (or someone you <3) for $18 and get a free year of VIP all at the same time. 

    All this next week we are going to be adding new items with great VIP deals attached, so stay tuned. And, again, we are thankful as hell for all of you.  

  3. Just kidding.

    Grooveshark Store updates! We’ve stocked up on shirts, and added three awesome new things: a Grooveshark irish coffee mug, shark shades, and an entirely new shirt: Shark Island, modeled by superstud our very own Mike G!

    Oh, and Grooveshark logo tees are $12 now. Check it.

  4. Last Friday I told you that we’re giving out a FREAKING FREE year of Grooveshark VIP with any shirt order from our store—for one more week. Today, right now, at this very moment marks the end of that week.

    If you missed your chance to be awesome, I’m really sorry and we’re never offering this promotion again we’re extending it for another week in honor of Grooveshark for iPhone launching!

    So for one more week, you can get a slick shirt, a free year of VIP—with access to Grooveshark for iPhone, free, that entire year. GO NOW! GO!

  5. As promised earlier this week, Grooveshark shirts are available again - with a free year of VIP from today until next Friday!

    If this softball team can love Grooveshark shirts, why can’t you? The store.

  6. A lot of people have been asking about the store—mainly when it will be restocked, and if you’ll still get a year of VIP with any shirt purchase. Short answer:

    We’re taking the store down for a few updates this afternoon, and it will be back Friday, completely restocked.

    Once the store is back up on Friday, the free year of VIP with any shirt will still be going on—for one week! So if you want a shirt (or a year of VIP. Or both), get it between Friday the 6th and Friday the 13th!

  7. Ever since we started the Grooveshark Schwag Store a few weeks ago, our shelves have been hit hard as you awesome folks have been supporting us!  We just noticed that on Storenvy—the website that powers our store—we have the top 4 most popular shirts!

    Not only have you made Grooveshark the most popular store on Storenvy, but out of the top 12 items sold, we have 7! We love you guys. And if you have a Grooveshark shirt, take a pic and post it somewhere for us!