1.   The group, composed of MC/songwriter Sonny Shotz, producer/manager Alexander Mendoza, and producer/engineer Mik Beats, came together in 2010 and has released two mix tapes Undeclared (2010) and The Drive In (2011). This past Tuesday they released a 17-track album, Generation X. Inspired by a diverse range of musical styles and by coupling socially conscious lyrics with high-energy production, the 17-track compilation holds appeal to fans of a varying range of genres including pop, indie, rock, hip-hop, techno, and country. The Dean’s List are the flagship group of aveNUE Music Partnerships, a new indie platform designed to help distribute and promote artists through strategic brand and media partnerships.

        Check out Generation X in our Featured Section or click their awesome site theme below enjoy & download the album. PROTIP: Before you get down to the full album, check out the video for the single “Youth,” below.

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  2. Grooveshark Artist, Quiet Company, have been taking the music scene by storm lately with the success of their latest single, You, Me, & the Boatman, off of their upcoming album, We Are All Where We Belong.

    The single made its way up to #3 on The Hype Machine Twitter chart- and has been given praise by many music blogs as of late.

    Check out what others in the industry had to say about Quiet Company:

    As always, Quiet Company demonstrates a perfect balance between rock and pop on “You, Me, & the Boatman”—the third track off their upcoming album. With their bombastic big band-esque arrangements, and playfully accessible sound, it’s hard not to love this track." - The Music Ninja

    After paying their dues for 11 years, waiting for this sound to regain popularity, I believe Quiet Company is poised to take the spotlight back from the men and women armed with MIDI controllers. After enduring the sounds of over-hyped 80s babies armed with MacBooks and Ableton for 10 years, I’m happy to hear real instrumentation and rock-soul still has a place in indie." - Earmilk

    Everything about it just screams big. Epic chorus, horns, the vocals. It’s a fun listen, and one that shouldn’t be ignored. This is my first taste of Quiet Company, but I doubt it will be my last." - We All Want Someone To Shout For

    The group have had some solid success so far in last years’ album release of “Songs for Staying In”, which charted at radio and landed in a few tv/film placements, including songs with acting roles in the ABC show My Generation." - Indie Music Filter

    If you haven’t had the chance to listen to their awesome new single, check it out below. If you like what you hear, you can preorder their upcoming album here, and we’ll even throw in 3 free months of Grooveshark Anywhere!