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    Last week on user-generated news site Reddit, a userĀ posted the question, “What is the best website other than reddit?”. Thousands of people weighed in, and Grooveshark made the list! We’re honored. Thanks to our awesome users and the Reddit community for voting!

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  2. A few weeks ago we talked about the awesome site Grooveshark Playlists, that posts very diverse playlists more than every day. Not only does it help us all find new music, but you can even submit a playlist you put together to get featured.

    Recently I discovered that some of our friends over at reddit have made an entire section dedicated to posting and discussing groups of tunes on Grooveshark. The subreddit Grooveshark Playlists doesn’t quite get the same amount of action that my favorite Tumblr does, but it’s still pretty cool—and if you’re a reddit user (like me), it’s doublecool.