It’s Thursday, and we’re happy to announce the release of web update RC20. This release doesn’t have any shiny moving parts, but it’s going to improve site performance and enable Grooveshark to be consistently Groovy! 

But that’s not the only thing we’ve got to announce, on this greatest of great days. Prepare yourself for the best thing that’s happened in the entire month of June… we updated the iPhone app! It’s now in the Cydia App Store.

Here’s a look at the new home screen:


That’s right, Grooveshark for iOS 2.3 features the long-awaited My Music section. You can now easily access your entire Grooveshark library from your jailbroken iPhone. There are a ton of other new goodies, too, like:

  • Our adorable new Splash Screen!
  • When you first tap a song, the song doesn’t immediately start playing. Instead, you land on the new Song Menu page. This page allows you to Play the song, Favorite it, Offline it, Share it, and more!
  • In the Player, we’ve replaced the old “Favorite” button with a new “Options” button, allowing you to add or remove favorites/songs from your library, add songs to playlists, or share your tunes with your friends.
  • The app also runs a whole lot faster, and it’s easier to navigate (if you ask us).
  • You can now begin or extend your subscription from the app! We’ve got a secure billing system built right in.
  • We’ve added more Stations to the app (D-d-d-dubstep, 90’s alt rock, and 80’s) and Stations now function more like they do on the site; they’ll change dynamically as you Smile or Frown the song you’re listening to.
  • A lot of things that made the app crash before should no longer do so.
  • The entire Changelog is located here!

Our mobile developers (all TWO of them) worked long and hard to fix all sorts of bugs in order to provide y’all a crash-free listening experience!

If you have any questions, comments or objections, you know you can Tweet @GroovesharkHelp, email us at, or say hello on Facebook.