1. Wednesday brings new and exciting changes to Grooveshark 

    This week we’ve been trying to focus on three issues: Search, Surveys, and Widgets. Here’s a brief overview of what we did:

    • We improved our search algorithm and added A/B testing — which means you’ll be helping us improve our search feature based on what decisions you make on the search results page. 

    • We fixed the issue that prevented you from doing surveys from a Facebook or Google-linked account.

    • For security buffs – we’ve made it so your password can now be up to 32 characters.

    • You can create and customize your widget inside Grooveshark. Select multiple songs and right click to widgetify them, or widgetize a whole playlist by clicking on the playlist and then the Share Playlist button. Check it out:

    And, for our Plus and Anywhere Subscribers, we’ve created VIDEO MODE! Now all you aspiring VJs have the tools to rock the party. Activate Video Mode by first adding some music to your queue, then selecting Enable Video Mode in the More Options menu, located above the queue on the right side of the interface:

    Create awesome video playlists with ease. Full screen it, high def it, spin yourself a full set. Enjoy!

    Like the new changes? Having a new issue? Please let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

  2. Good Afternoon Sharks!

    RC16 is coming out tomorrow, and should include a fix to everyone’s widget woes (in which you cannot export a playlist via widget on the site). If you’re dying for widgets, you can always build them on our Widget Site!

    We’re happy to announce that we’re continuing our donation campaign with Pandas International The shirts will be back in stock soon! For more great deals, check out our Merch Store!

    We were at @LessConf this weekend, meeting the Southeast’s best and brightest and having ourselves a time in Hotlanta. We gave our new friend @JasonKoertge some swag, and he passed it along to his adorable son! Look at that lil’ Grooveshark!

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