1. We’ve got some cool news for ya, sharks! As of today, you can officially pre-order Quiet Company’s new album ‘We Are All Where We Belong’ which will be released on October 4.

    We’ve created a pretty sweet package for you: for $7.99 users can pre-order the album, get 3 FREE months of Grooveshark Anywhere, and a FREE 6-song download of the Quiet Company EP ‘Songs for Staying In’. Just head to our store here to purchase!

    Here’s a personal note from Quiet Company:

    "Thank you so much for pre-ordering our new album ‘We Are All Where We Belong’. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we enjoy ninjas, robots, ninja turtles, robotic ninjas & especially robotic turtles. We’ve included a free download of our most recent EP, ‘Songs for Staying In’ to keep you company until our new album is released on Oct 4th. We hope you’ll come befriend us on Facebook & Twitter so you can tell us what you think about the album & we can tell you when we’ll be in your town."

    And while you’re at it, be sure to check out the new Quiet Company site skin on Grooveshark here!

    Twitter: @quietcompanytx 

    Facebook: facebook.com/quietcompany

  2. Have you checked out Breakthrough Radio yet? If you’ve been left in the dark, Breakthrough Radio is a new digital music radio channel that spotlights emerging artists from around the world powered by Indaba Music and Grooveshark.

    Every two weeks we’ll switch it up and feature a new line-up of the best up and coming artists. Check out who’s playing now on Breakthrough Radio:

    Emily Greene

    The album boasts layered harmonies and slow grooves, with memorable hooks like “Oceans and Waves” mixed with heavier pop anthems like “Starting Fresh.” The title track, “Is This What You Had in Mind,” is a dissonant melancholic confession that resolves in arpeggios and harmonies that haunt the corners of your mind long after the song ends.

    Andrew Foshee

    He has formally released two albums, 2008’s ‘Wasting My Time’ (which he played all instruments and recorded at his home studio in Lake Lotawana, MO)  and 2009’s ‘Melodramatic Popular Song’ recorded by Larry Crane at Jackpot Studio in Portland, OR, and mixed by Dan Romer in Brooklyn, NY.

    Ace Reporter

    He has written, recorded, and posted a song every single day for all of 2010. He was also in a band for many years (The States out of Brooklyn NY), and is using his 365 project as a way to figure out what comes next.

    Quiet Company

    Grooveshark Artist, Quiet Company, has traveled all over the country since their inception in 2005, logging over 400 shows just since 2007, and though the lineup has changed, the goal never has: to write epic pop music that is intelligent, honest and thought provoking.

    Like what you see? Click here to launch Breakthrough Radio!

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