1. Porter Robinson, one of our new favorite artists, will be the first release on dubstep superstar Skrillex’s new label, OWSLA.

    The 19-year-old electro-house newcomer will be releasing his brand new EP, “Spitfire”. His massive electro hooks paired with nasty dubstep warbles and shimmering trance breakdowns transcend tired genre adjectives like “progressive” or “fidget”, taking listeners into an uncharted territory of hard-hitting house music.

    The 6-track EP will feature 5 remixes that will be available to stream exclusively on Grooveshark today and tomorrow, before it’s released on September 13! 

    You gotta listen- head here now to stream the tracks!

  2. One of our favorite new artists, Johnny Stimson, recently released his awesome new EP “All That I See”.

    Johnny Stimson is a rare gem in the modern pop world: a daffy, stylish 22-year-old who will revive and refresh your hope in music. His catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics mesh to create songs that are toe-tappingly good.

    If you like what you see, you can also download the Johnny Stimson theme on your Grooveshark homepage, where you can get a free download of his single “Only One”.

    Stream the album here on Grooveshark, or buy the album now on iTunes.

  3. Our NYC office is buzzing in excitement because minimalist dream-pop artist, Love Inks, just played right here at Grooveshark.

    Check out the photo below of them at our New York City office playing a few of their latest songs.

    Love Inks’ debut album ‘E.S.P.' was conceived and recorded with strict, direct motives. The sounds captured within the 10 tracks are simply an electric guitar, a bass guitar, an old drum machine, and the poignant vocals of Sherry LeBlanc. Self-recorded in their own homes in Austin, Texas and mixed by a friend; the idea was to get the purest signals from all instruments and feed them through an 8 track reel-to-reel. The songs featured on 'E.S.P.' were written to showcase the essence of emotion behind each instrument.

    If you haven’t taken a listen yet, you can check out their music on Grooveshark here!

  4. Grooveshark Artist, Quiet Company, have been taking the music scene by storm lately with the success of their latest single, You, Me, & the Boatman, off of their upcoming album, We Are All Where We Belong.

    The single made its way up to #3 on The Hype Machine Twitter chart- and has been given praise by many music blogs as of late.

    Check out what others in the industry had to say about Quiet Company:

    As always, Quiet Company demonstrates a perfect balance between rock and pop on “You, Me, & the Boatman”—the third track off their upcoming album. With their bombastic big band-esque arrangements, and playfully accessible sound, it’s hard not to love this track." - The Music Ninja

    After paying their dues for 11 years, waiting for this sound to regain popularity, I believe Quiet Company is poised to take the spotlight back from the men and women armed with MIDI controllers. After enduring the sounds of over-hyped 80s babies armed with MacBooks and Ableton for 10 years, I’m happy to hear real instrumentation and rock-soul still has a place in indie." - Earmilk

    Everything about it just screams big. Epic chorus, horns, the vocals. It’s a fun listen, and one that shouldn’t be ignored. This is my first taste of Quiet Company, but I doubt it will be my last." - We All Want Someone To Shout For

    The group have had some solid success so far in last years’ album release of “Songs for Staying In”, which charted at radio and landed in a few tv/film placements, including songs with acting roles in the ABC show My Generation." - Indie Music Filter

    If you haven’t had the chance to listen to their awesome new single, check it out below. If you like what you hear, you can preorder their upcoming album here, and we’ll even throw in 3 free months of Grooveshark Anywhere!

  5. The day is here! If you didn’t read our announcement on Monday, Grooveshark has partnered with Van Ghost to launch a “Pick The Single” contest TODAY, where you, the user, can vote for Van Ghost’s next single off their new album “The Domino Effect”, and win incredible prize packages just for participating!

    With an upcoming performance at North Coast Festival, Van Ghost has decided to bring their fans to them. Read on below for the details on how to enter the contest, and the amazing prize packages that you can win.

    How to enter:

    1. Log on to Grooveshark.com/thedominoeffect

    2. Listen to Modern Day Love AffairReturn to InnocenceDomino Effect, and Burden

    3. “Like” the band in order to vote

    4. Hit “Vote” for your favorite song

    (side note: you must be logged in to your Facebook account & Grooveshark account)

    Simple as that! After you vote for your favorite song, you’ll also receive a FREE download of the four songs. The song with the most votes wins, and will be selected as the band’s next single. If that wasn’t cool enough, this is what you can win just by participating:

    Grand Prize: 3 winners and their guest of choice will win All-Access Passes to North Coast Music Festival- which includes:

    • round-trip airfare
    • hotel
    • dinner with the band
    • 1-year subscription to Grooveshark Anywhere

    Runner-ups: 100 users will receive:

    • Van Ghost t-shirt 
    • 3 months of Grooveshark Anywhere.

    The contest runs for four weeks beginning August 10, however, the Grand Prize winners will be chosen by August 22, and the Runner-ups will be chosen in the last two weeks.

    We’re super stoked to be able to bring you this incredible opportunity- so head on over to Grooveshark now and vote! And tell us, which song did you vote for?

  6. We’ve got some big news, sharks. Grooveshark has partnered with Van Ghost to launch a “Pick The Single” contest on Wednesday, August 10, where you, the user, can vote for Van Ghost’s next single off their new album “The Domino Effect”. Not only does this new promotion put the power back in the hands of music lovers across the world, but they’ve also put together incredible prize packages that will be given away to users who participate in the contest.

    With an upcoming performance at North Coast Festival, Van Ghost has decided to bring their fans to them. Check out the amazing prize packages that you can win just by helping the band pick their next single:

    Grand Prize: 3 users and one guest each will win an All-Access Pass to North Coast Music Festival- which includes:

    • free round-trip airfare
    • hotel
    • dinner with the band
    • 1-year subscription to Grooveshark Anywhere!

    Runner-ups: 100 users will receive:

    • free Van Ghost t-shirt 
    • 3 months of Grooveshark Anywhere.

    "It’s a privilege to partner with an innovative company such as Grooveshark to create a cutting edge, multi-media contest where EVERYONE wins. It allows us to connect to new and old fans, and no one goes home empty handed, since everyone can download all 4 songs for free!" says Michael Harrison Berg, of Van Ghost.

    The Domino Effect" is produced by 8-time Grammy-Award winning Producer/Engineer/Mixer Justin Niebank. Justin recently launched his own record label,Dustimmoff Music, and has signed Van Ghost as the first band to his label. Having worked with such artists including Taylor SwiftKeith Urban, and DaughtryVan Ghost is in great company heading into the festival circuit.

    We’re so excited to be able to bring you this incredible opportunity. So be sure to check back here for more contest details, and to vote for your favorite song when the contest kicks off Wednesday, August 10!

  7. We’ve got some cool news for ya, sharks! As of today, you can officially pre-order Quiet Company’s new album ‘We Are All Where We Belong’ which will be released on October 4.

    We’ve created a pretty sweet package for you: for $7.99 users can pre-order the album, get 3 FREE months of Grooveshark Anywhere, and a FREE 6-song download of the Quiet Company EP ‘Songs for Staying In’. Just head to our store here to purchase!

    Here’s a personal note from Quiet Company:

    "Thank you so much for pre-ordering our new album ‘We Are All Where We Belong’. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we enjoy ninjas, robots, ninja turtles, robotic ninjas & especially robotic turtles. We’ve included a free download of our most recent EP, ‘Songs for Staying In’ to keep you company until our new album is released on Oct 4th. We hope you’ll come befriend us on Facebook & Twitter so you can tell us what you think about the album & we can tell you when we’ll be in your town."

    And while you’re at it, be sure to check out the new Quiet Company site skin on Grooveshark here!

    Twitter: @quietcompanytx 

    Facebook: facebook.com/quietcompany

  8. Hey Sharks, happy Monday! We’re starting a new Monday tradition where we’ll introduce a new Grooveshark Artist to all of y’all, beginning with rapper Will Brennan. 

    Will’s new cd album The Road Not Taken blends traditional hip hop with soul, rock and electronic influences. We dig it for its rich lyrics dealing with real life experiences. 

    We’re featuring Will on a site theme, which went live this afternoon. 

    The Road Not Taken is available for download at DJBooth.net

    Follow Will on twitter here: @thewillbrennan and check out http://www.willbrennan.net/ for more info.