1. Last week we talked about some updates to Grooveshark for Android and for iPhone, and this week we get to announce tons of updates to the Grooveshark app for Palm WebOS.

    It has been a long time coming—here’s what’s new:

    • Shuffle - You can now shuffle your Now Playing songs.  You can also enable shuffling automatically anytime you add a playlist to your queue.
    • Dashboard Player - Whenever you start playing something, a dashboard player will open up. You can find it through the notifications section, and have quick access back to the player when you want it.
    • Low Bitrate Playback - If your connection is slow, or you’re in an area with bad reception, you can still use Grooveshark. We’ll just play slightly lower quality versions of the songs, so the required bandwidth is lower.
    • Search Filtration - Once you search for music, you can now filter through the results.

    To read the full list of changes, read more!

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  2. Last week we released a patch to the Grooveshark Android app. Here’s what changed:

    • Fixed a bug that would crash the app if you lost connection while downloading songs to the Offline Cache
    • When editing a playlist, you can’t accidentally click a song and have it play now
    • A few null pointer exceptions & illegal argument exceptions
    • Fixed an issue with clearing out previously-read notifications

    We also just posted an update to the Grooveshark iPhone app that fixed a bug causing the app to crash when some users went to Settings.

    We know there are still some bugs with the apps—particularly some iPhone crashing issues—so if you’re still having problems, please let me know by commenting with which device you have, what version of the OS, and what’s causing the crash!

  3. For the many of you who’ve been asking about Grooveshark for iPhone, we’ve got news: it’s back in Cydia.

    Not only is it back—it’s brand new. Last night we released a spiffy, completely updated version of Grooveshark for iPhone with some of the features folks who have had the app have been requesting:

    • Multitasking - so you can email, surf, and Groove without missing a beat
    • Genre radio - built in radio stations so you don’t even have to think about what to play on that long road trip
    • Better search - filter search results by songs, artists, albums, and playlists to help you find what you want faster
    • Personal radio - like a radio session you’ve started based on a Massive Attack song? Save that station as Massive Attack Radio, and come back to it instantly, anytime

    You can download the app now to your jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. And even though we’d love to be in the app store, we’re just thrilled to be able to give you guys an app you’ll (fingers crossed) enjoy grooving to.

    UPDATE: If the app is crashing for you on launch, do the update we just released—should fix this!

  4. Last night we released a big update for Grooveshark Android that fixed a bunch of bugs, launched a bunch of new features, and will hopefully make all our Android friends very happy.  Here’s what changed:

    Subscribed playlists - You can listen not only to playlists you’ve made, but ones you’ve Favorited while using Grooveshark.

    Genre Radio - If you *really* don’t know what to listen to, we’ve added a bunch of Radio stations created by genre. Pick one and go.

    User stations - You can save a Radio session as a playlist and come back to it.

    Repeat Options - Repeat a single song, or an entire queue.

    Queue is remembered across app restarts - The songs in your queue will remain there, even if you restart your phone/app.

    Last.fm scrobbling support. I don’t think I have to explain this one to you fans out there. :)

    Bluetooth support for play, pause, next and previous song controls.

    Bugs We Fixed:

    Playlists will now sync!

    Wifi-only songs are now playable over cellular networks, if you like.

    Using Shuffle won’t cause the app to crash anymore!

    Fewer  "Lost connection to Grooveshark" messages, and significantly saved battery. 

    QueueService (the player code) now manages its life-cycle properly, and shuts down when not in use.

    Removed the Quit button—it’s not needed anymore.
 The app frees background resources when a the last song queued plays, or the current song is paused.
 Quitting the app now happens when the phone’s home button or back button are pressed enough.

    Now Playing didn’t always clear when the app wasn’t in use; this is fixed.

    After a force close, sometimes songs wouldn’t play and the “Unknown
Media Player”  error was displayed; this has been fixed.

    For some Android phones, music would stop playing when the app went into the background; this has been fixed.

    Skipping between songs frequently would eventually cause the app to hang and force close.
 Not anymore!

    After favoriting or unfavoriting a song in Now Playing, the song’s state was not updated in any widgets—and vice versa. This has been fixed.

    After an extended period of no use, pressing play from widgets 
wouldn’t start the last song; this has been fixed.

    Offline Song Fixes

    Now stops and starts when needed which saves battery.

    It prevents the phone from sleeping while any downloads are queued or active—so they won’t fail.

    Songs being downloaded to Offline Songs during a connectivity transition (e.g. 3g to wifi) will seamlessly download the song.

    Phew! Any questions?

  5. So in all the noise this week about Grooveshark for iPhone, a few of you have been worried we might forget about our Android app. What say us? BAH!

    We released an update to Grooveshark for Android, version 2.0.6.  So what’s new?

    • App can start with no connectivity or in airplane mode - so you don’t have to be connected to get to your Offline Songs!
    • Fixed a player bug in 2.2 (Froyo).
    • If you are running Android 2.2 on your phone, you can now install or move the app to an SD card.
    • Playlists load more quickly, and scrolling should be smoother.
    • Other bugs!

    So make sure you update, and we’ll all keep grooving mobile!

  6. Hopefully you didn’t miss our live-stream announcement today at 4, but in case you did: Grooveshark’s iPhone app is finally available in the App Store!

    We’ve been working laboriously on this app for a long time, and we are really excited to announce what we honestly feel to be one of the best mobile music apps in the market.

    Grooveshark for iPhone gives you access to your playlists, Favorites, search and play any song as well as nifty extras like Offline Caching (for Airplane Mode). 

    What’s next? We’re working on some slick updates like multitasking—and we’ll keep you posted!

    Oh, and if you have downloaded it, please rate it nicely! :)

    UPDATE: The app has been removed.

  7. Just released BlackBerry v1.1.11 (yes, that many 1’s).  Our BlackBerry Badass, Dale, says:

    Just a quick release to fix a couple of annoying bugs.  Fetching a list
    of songs (from an album, playlist, etc.) will now retry if it fails
    the first time.  This seems to help when the app gets an incomplete
    response from the API (due to network connection problems, for example).

    Getting album artwork is also a little more efficient now, and changed the name of a couple options in the menu. Nothing too crazy, but enjoy!

  8. "I’m very pleased that Grooveshark has a library that bests any service when it comes to music from obscure or lesser known acts. The underground and fringe genres are best represented by Grooveshark, which actually has songs you won’t find on Pandora or Rhapsody."
  9. We fixed a few bugs in the mobile apps this week, and wanted to let you know!

    The biggest (for those affected) is the fix for E72 Nokia phones, where attempting to play *any* song would cause a ghoulish, annoying, dog-angering whine. Our bad!

    For BlackBerry, we updated the About screen so that it tells you the version number of the app when you open it up. It’ll help us track bugs specific to releases, and give you the info you need.

    There is a patch for Android coming real quick: not only will it speed up playlist performance, but it should also fix the “Unknown Media Player Error” you might’ve received.

  10. We just pushed an update to all the Grooveshark Android users out there. Here’s what’s new:

    • When searching, album views show the number of songs on the album
    • If you remove your headphones while the music’s playing, the app will automatically pause the tunes
    • When an error occurs in playback, the player skips ahead to the next song
    • If something screws up, it’ll automatically email us so we can make it better for you

    We’ll keep working, and you keep grooving.

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