Have you ever wondered just what Grooveshark can do for an artist? Here’s an excerpt from a really awesome article on Sinizine that breaks down some of the many things we can provide artists and their management team.

Within artist.grooveshark.com, artists can create an account and upload music and artwork.  After the songs and artwork have been verified the music will be stream-able in a few days (I’ve had it appear as quick as 24hours).  From here you can keep tabs on play analytics such as total plays, which songs are getting played most and which songs are being included in other Grooveshark users’ playlists.  All of this is great data to monitor; for instance, when you release a new track from an upcoming album or perhaps trying to determine your next set list for tour.”

As of this date, there are no other platforms offering stream-able music for free or at a small rate that’s working for the artist, except Grooveshark.  I’ve heard they’re in beta for a few more extremely powerful analytical tools and I hope soon they will be able to push through the iTunes and the Android market.  If you are an artist or manger and have yet to upload your music to their system, I strongly encourage you to do so.  The social sharing options the platform provides are seamless and playable across the Facebook platform.  If you’re just an average fan of music looking for a new way to acquire it, again I highly recommend Grooveshark.  Compared to Spotify the overall layout is more visually aesthetic and customizable.  Finding songs and albums are simple and your account can be accessed anywhere there is a computer, where as Spotify is a stand alone application that must be downloaded.  Check out the website at: www.grooveshark.com and start uploading your music at artist.grooveshark.com

Check out the full article here. And if you want to learn more about how we work with artists, head here.