1. GAINESVILLE, Fla., Aug. 27, 2013 - Grooveshark has reached a settlement and has signed licensing agreements with Sony/ATV Music Publishing. The agreements, the terms of which are confidential, resolve all matters and disputes between Grooveshark and Sony/ATV Music Publishing to their mutual satisfaction. This marks the second licensing deal Grooveshark has recently made with a major publisher.

    "We are excited to add Sony/ATV Music’s impressive array of songwriters to our catalogue further advancing our mission to empower creators with the best audio platform in the world," says Grooveshark CEO and Co-founder, Sam Tarantino.

    According to Music & Copyright research by Informa, Sony/ATV Music Publishing is the largest music publisher with a catalogue of compositions that accounted for over 30% revenue market share for 2012, the most recent full calendar year.

    Grooveshark currently licenses content from thousands of artists, publishers, labels, and distributors. Interested content creators are encouraged to contact licensing@grooveshark.com or visit http://grooveshark.com/artists to benefit from Grooveshark’s open artist distribution platform.

    Sources: musicandcopyright.com

    About Grooveshark

    Founded in 2006, Grooveshark is an open artist distribution platform with more than 30 million monthly active users leveraging technology to discover and grow the world’s most talented artists. Our service has pioneered music streaming and search, web artist promotion, as well as fan data analysis; and now is re-inventing the broadcast radio industry by empowering anyone to create a worldwide radio show with a single click.

    For more information about Grooveshark, please contact Press@Grooveshark.com.

  2. It’s an exciting week for Grooveshark users and music lovers worldwide. Grooveshark has officially signed a deal with the indie label Sun Records. Grooveshark is the first and only music streaming service to obtain a licensing deal with this label. Sun Records houses some of the most influential and timeless works from artists such as Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkison and Roy Orbison just to name a few.

    "We are eager to give our audience and fans around the world streaming access to our iconic artists. Grooveshark's platform and structure allow us to give our core fans what they want, while exponentially serving as a discovery engine to new listeners around the world. In a landscape where majors are fighting the inevitable reality of a new era, I'm proud Sun fosters a forward thinking direction. Grooveshark is an innovative team that we quickly found harmony with and are excited to lock arms with,” explains Collin Brace, Vice President, Sun Entertainment Corp.

    We are really excited to team up with such a historically influential label to bring even more great music to our sharks. Rock on!