1. This week we were honored to have the Gainesville Mayor visit the Grooveshark Headquarters. The Mayor was taken on a tour of our brand new expanded offices, and sat down with our founders to discuss Gainesville as a tech hub, and how Grooveshark plays a big role in that.

    Doug Finger/The Gainesville Sun

    Check out the except below from The Gainesville Sun about the Mayor’s visit, and read the whole article here.

    Grooveshark has added two office suites in downtown Gainesville and 45 employees this year, with plans to add 100 more people and additional office space before the year is over.

    That was the main point company founders Sam Tarantino and Josh Greenberg made to Mayor Craig Lowe as he toured Grooveshark’s Gainesville offices Monday to discuss ways to continue attracting high-tech, high-wage jobs.

    Lowe said Grooveshark is the kind of pollution-free, high-tech company that the Innovation Gainesville economic development initiative wants to encourage.

    “It’s so beneficial for us when people outside of Gainesville view Gainesville as a tech hub,” Greenberg said. “We want to align ourselves with anything that helps push that forward.”

  2. Grooveshark is looking for talented Front End Web Developers to work on Grooveshark’s Creative Team. Specifically, we’re seeking people with advanced HTML/CSS experience and a serious appreciation for user interfaces and user experience in general. In a nutshell, you must be the Daywalker of the Development and Design worlds. 


    • Expert level experience with HTML/CSS.
    • Must have a strong portfolio.
    • Must be comfortable working with designs (with a strong appreciation for aesthetics).
    • Can flourish in an “outside of the box” startup environment.
    • If asked if you were a designer or developer, you’d say “both.”
    • Must take pride in pixel-perfect precision.


    • Work with the Creative team to convert designs from PSD/PNG to HTML/CSS

     Perks include:

    • An in-house chef that cooks three meals a day (we foot the bill and there’s always a vegetarian alternative).
    • Frequent company outings to get to know your coworkers.
    • A focus on “out of the box” thinking. Spend 20% of your time working on an exciting project outside of your job description.
    • The ability to do what you love in an environment that fosters your strengths.

      *Applicants must be located within the United States and be willing to relocate. 

    Please submit cover letter and portfolio along with resume to careers@grooveshark.com 

    For more info head to www.grooveshark.com/careers.

  3. Grooveshark is hiring! We’re looking for talented Web Developers, Designers, JavaScript Developers and Engineers. If this sounds like you, read on for more details!

    Grooveshark is on the hunt for an incredible Big Data Engineer

    • Responsible for pioneering our huge data software infrastructure that will run on large data centers
    • Must be familiar with hadoop, hive and hbase
    • Should have olap experience and be able to program in Java

    Grooveshark is seeking a fantastic Machine Learning Specialist

    • Responsible for designing algorithms and implementations for predicting data and making machine-aided decisions
    • Will need to take knowledge of individual user qualities (personality, culture, lifestyle) and find users that likely have similar qualities based on listener habits.

    Grooveshark is looking for a stellar Backend Programmer

    • Responsible for designing the fronted API’s that expose our data
    • Prefer someone who has worked with or written API’s extensively in the past
    • Must have experience with PHP, mysql, etc.
    • Experience with rest API’s and hadoop is a big plus!

    To apply for a position above, please email paul.nickerson@grooveshark.com

    Grooveshark is seeking awesome PHP developers.


    Maintaining existing backend code & APIs, creating new features and improving existing ones
    Writing good, clean, fast, secure code on tight deadlines
    Identifying and eliminating bottlenecks
    Writing & optimizing queries for high-concurrency workloads in SQL, MongoDB, memcached,etc
    Identifying and implementing new technologies and strategies to help us scale to the next level

    Grooveshark is looking for a hardcore JavaScript developer.


    Maintaining existing client-side code, creating new features and improving existing ones
    Writing good, clean, fast, secure code on tight deadlines
    Ensuring that client architecture is performant without sacrificing maintainability and flexible enough for rapid feature changes
    Striking a balance between optimizing client performance versus minimizing load on the backend
    Integration of third-party APIs

    Grooveshark is seeking awesome web developer/designers.


    Maintaining existing HTML templates and JavaScript code
    Writing clean well-formed HTML and CSS
    Writing JavaScript to be able to achieve the desired user experience
    Using Photoshop and Illustrator and be able to convert images to markup and JavaScript
    Optimizing HTML and CSS for speed considerations

    If you want to learn more about these positions, check out our Head Developer Jay’s blog, here!

    To apply for a Developer position, please email jay@grooveshark.com

    Grooveshark is looking for a talented Quality Assurance Engineer.


    Perform code reviews, conduct thorough functional tests, and ultimately sign off on weekly product releases.
    Interface closely with the Community team so that you can understand and represent the concerns and interests of users to the Management, Design and Development teams.
    Serve as the highest tier of support for difficult/troublesome customer support cases.
    Engage users directly through customer relations to constantly improve our user experience.
    Actively organize, prioritize, investigate, report and fix bugs within Grooveshark.

    Technical Requirements:

    • Experience with HTML & CSS
    • Experience with Javascript & jQuery
    • Experience with version control (Git)
    • Familiarity with PHP
    • Familiarity with automated testing (Selenium, Sikuli, etc.)
    • Enjoy writing high quality, easy to read, well-documented code that follows coding standards
    • Well versed in best practices & security concerns for web development                        

     To apply for the Quality Assurance Engineer position, please email graham@grooveshark.com

    ** Please note, all positions are located at our Gainesville office. You must be willing to relocate in order to apply **