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    The Heavy Pets are an American Rock band that incorporates elements of funk, jazz, blues, and even some disco vibes to create a unique sound that’s galvanizing stages nationwide. I had a chance to sit down and chat with their drummer Jamie Newitt at Aura Music Festival. Here’s what he had to say about their music, plans for the future and more. 

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  2. This week we are introducing you to ArtOfficial, a jazz and hip-hop band with a one-of-a-kind sound from Miami, Fla. 

    ArtOfficial, consisting of two emcees, bass, sax, and keys, creates a timeless mixture of jazz, hip-hop, and soul that have earned them a reputation as extraordinary showmen that according to the Miami New Times “gets butts moving”! 

    The Basics

    · Given Names: AO Logics, 28 – Newsense, 28 – Keith Cooper 30, Danny Perez, 26, Ralf Valencia, 27

    · Hometown: Miami

    What instruments does everybody play?

    Ralf – Bass 

    Danny – Keys

    Keith – Sax/Flute/Clarinet

    Logics and Newsense - Vocals

    Who would your dream collaboration be with?

    Questlove, Jon Brion or Danger Mouse.

    Describe your music in 3 words.

    Hand-made hip-hop.

    What’s your spirit animal?

    A black bird of course.

    What song is your guiltiest pleasure?

    That Beyonce song about putting rings on things.

    What movie do you wish you made the soundtrack to?

    "There Will Be Blood". Ha, imagine that.

    And last but not least, collectively what’s your favorite food?

    Cracker Barrel fried chicken.

    ArtOfficial’s most recent project, “Vitamins and Minerals”, is the most polished album yet. While staying true to their sound and originality, this album shows the connection this band forms and executes effortlessly. Check out “Vitamins and Minerals" below or as always, on Grooveshark!

  3. With the ability to blend hip-hop, jazz, soul, blues, and classic rock, Chicago-based band Kids These Days breaks genre boundaries to create a sound uniquely their own. 

    Influenced by artists such as The Roots, Sly Stone, Stevie Wonder, and Jimi Hendrix, Kids These Days makes their unparalleled sound come alive with two horns, a rapper, a blues-rock trio, and a female singer. These trained musicians have shared the stage with hip-hop artists Rhymefest, the Cool Kids, Mic Terror, and Dom Kennedy, as well as opened for Third Eye Blind at Milwaukee’s Summerfest! This past March, KTD journeyed from Chicago, IL, to Austin, TX, to share their high-energy and groove-oriented performance at South by Southwest. KTD is made up of seven talented 18-year-olds: Liam Cunningham on guitar and lead vocals; Lane Beckstrom on bass; Greg Landfair on drums; Macie Stewart on keys, lead vocals, and background vocals; Vic Mensa on rap vocals; Nico Segal on trumpet; and J.P. Floyd on trombone.

    Without further adieu, enjoy a profiler from Macie Stewart from Kids These Days.

    The Basics
    · Given Name: Macie Stewart of Kids These Days
    · Ages: 18
    · Hometown: Chicago.

    What instruments do you play? 

    I play piano and sing in the band. I also play violin on occasion. 

    Who would your dream collaboration be with? 

    I think it would be really cool to work with the Black Keys or the Roots.

    Describe your music in 3 words. 

    Unique, live, relatable.

    What’s your spirit animal?

    Vic says I look like cat, so I guess a cat.

    What song is your guiltiest pleasure?

    "Oh! You Pretty Things" by David Bowie

    What movie do you wish you made the soundtrack to?

    Toy Story 1. Such a good soundtrack.

    What’s your favorite food?

    All Thai food. I love Thai food.

    Check out Kids These Day's first project, “Hard Times”, below or on Grooveshark!