1. We made a promise to ourselves to deliver music to the world and we are proud to say that we have now become the first music company on the planet to allow instant global access to streaming on-demand music, without the use of an app. All over the world Grooveshark users can now hop onto Grooveshark.com on their iOS and Android browsers and get instant access to their Playlists, Favorites, and their entire music catalog. 

    Not yet available in: UK, France, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Brazil, and Canada.

    Happy Listening, 


  2. It’s Wednesday again, which means we’ve released our latest update. We’re pretty excited about this one. 

    First, we’ve made a small update to our iOS app (available in the Cydia App Store for Jailbroken iDevices) – this release is pretty much a patch that fixes a lot of the minor issues with the last release – it should improve the stability of the iOS app significantly.

    Second, we’ve updated all this bidness in the latest release, plus a lot of not-so-exciting behind-the-scenes stuff:

    • We updated the sign up form in order to — well, keep reading.
    • We killed the Widgets page! All Widget stuff should be do-able on Grooveshark now. Click here for instructions.
    • The Subscriptions Settings Page has gotten a makeover. It now displays more information about your subscription 
    • Survey Registration in the Desktop Application should work 100% better.
    • We’ve made it so that http://grooveshark.com/themes goes to our theme selector.
    • We’ve also added Galego, Eesti, Lietuvių and Cymraeg to our supported languages!

    Finally, touched by the spirit of generosity – which we’re pretty sure is a product of Gift Goddess Oprah Winfrey’s cosmic powers – our developers have decided to give each of you your very own CUSTOM Uniform Resource Locator! Get excited.

    That’s right— when you sign up for Grooveshark, we’re giving you the opportunity to create a custom URL that links you directly to your Grooveshark profile. It’ll look a little something like this:

    Align your Grooveshark account with all of your other online properties today!

    For those of you who already have a Grooveshark account, your custom URL will be your username for the time being, but we’ll give you the opportunity to change it next week. Thanks for your patience with this process in advance…