1. It’s the first day of the loveliest month of the year and we have something that is sure to put a smile on your face. Grooveshark for your devices now gives you the option to Collect and Favorite. Add any song to your online music library just by clicking the check mark, or save your Favorites by selecting the heart. Head to Grooveshark.com right now on your mobile browser and check it out!

  2. If you haven’t already heard from Mashable, then we are certainly ecstatic to be the first to let you know that there is a brand new way for you to enjoy all the Grooveshark tunes you love. Long weeks, sleepless nights, and copious amounts of caffeine have given birth to our browser-based HTML5 web-app. Your personal playlists, genre stations, and the rest of your favorite Grooveshark features are all accessible simply by going to Grooveshark.com on your mobile browser.  Happy Listening :-)

    Grooveshark mobile free html5 browser

  3. It’s Thursday, and we’re happy to announce the release of web update RC20. This release doesn’t have any shiny moving parts, but it’s going to improve site performance and enable Grooveshark to be consistently Groovy! 

    But that’s not the only thing we’ve got to announce, on this greatest of great days. Prepare yourself for the best thing that’s happened in the entire month of June… we updated the iPhone app! It’s now in the Cydia App Store.

    Here’s a look at the new home screen:


    That’s right, Grooveshark for iOS 2.3 features the long-awaited My Music section. You can now easily access your entire Grooveshark library from your jailbroken iPhone. There are a ton of other new goodies, too, like:

    • Our adorable new Splash Screen!
    • When you first tap a song, the song doesn’t immediately start playing. Instead, you land on the new Song Menu page. This page allows you to Play the song, Favorite it, Offline it, Share it, and more!
    • In the Player, we’ve replaced the old “Favorite” button with a new “Options” button, allowing you to add or remove favorites/songs from your library, add songs to playlists, or share your tunes with your friends.
    • The app also runs a whole lot faster, and it’s easier to navigate (if you ask us).
    • You can now begin or extend your subscription from the app! We’ve got a secure billing system built right in.
    • We’ve added more Stations to the app (D-d-d-dubstep, 90’s alt rock, and 80’s) and Stations now function more like they do on the site; they’ll change dynamically as you Smile or Frown the song you’re listening to.
    • A lot of things that made the app crash before should no longer do so.
    • The entire Changelog is located here!

    Our mobile developers (all TWO of them) worked long and hard to fix all sorts of bugs in order to provide y’all a crash-free listening experience!

    If you have any questions, comments or objections, you know you can Tweet @GroovesharkHelp, email us at support@grooveshark.com, or say hello on Facebook.

  4. Good news! We just released updates to three of our mobile platforms: iPhone, Symbian, and Android. Check out the new features and bug fixes in these updates.

    iPhone v. 2.2.0, available in Cydia:

    Bugs Fixed:

    • Loading playlists on older devices is fixed
    • General stability increased
    • Your favorites now load more quickly.
    • Better offline stability.
    • Improved playback buffering.
    • Improved sorting performance.
    • Radio station (user or tag) persists between sessions.
    •  Overall increase in app responsiveness.


    • New “Refresh” feature! Sync changes to your playlists and favorited songs from the cloud in seconds.

    Symbian update 1.2, available at m.grooveshark.com


    • If a song fails to offline, the song is pushed back into the offline queue and two more attempts to offline it will be made.
    • Song Duration and Cover Art now displayed for offlined songs.

    Bug Fixes:

    • The API has been updated to use the latest Methods.
    • List functionality changed to speed up the application
    • Settings screen updated to display version number, amount of disk space used and ability to clear all offlined content.
    • Number of songs fetched increased to 600 (up from 100)
    • Now Playing icon now shows which song is playing.
    • You can now save Volume level and other settings

    Android 2.2.1:

    Bug Fixes:

    • Various changes to HTC EVO problems.
    • Fixed Playlist/Station crashes on Android 1.5 phones.
    • Improved application liveliness, responsiveness, and startup time.
    • Improved album art offlining and caching.
    • Improved playback across most devices.
    • Fixed configuration change bugs.
    • Various fixes to playlist and favorites syncing.


  5. A couple days ago we read about some folks who managed to install Android OS on the iPhone.  Just for kicks, we decided to try this out for ourselves—and get the Grooveshark Android app running on the device. It worked!

    Has anyone else tried this?

  6. Last week we released a patch to the Grooveshark Android app. Here’s what changed:

    • Fixed a bug that would crash the app if you lost connection while downloading songs to the Offline Cache
    • When editing a playlist, you can’t accidentally click a song and have it play now
    • A few null pointer exceptions & illegal argument exceptions
    • Fixed an issue with clearing out previously-read notifications

    We also just posted an update to the Grooveshark iPhone app that fixed a bug causing the app to crash when some users went to Settings.

    We know there are still some bugs with the apps—particularly some iPhone crashing issues—so if you’re still having problems, please let me know by commenting with which device you have, what version of the OS, and what’s causing the crash!

  7. For the many of you who’ve been asking about Grooveshark for iPhone, we’ve got news: it’s back in Cydia.

    Not only is it back—it’s brand new. Last night we released a spiffy, completely updated version of Grooveshark for iPhone with some of the features folks who have had the app have been requesting:

    • Multitasking - so you can email, surf, and Groove without missing a beat
    • Genre radio - built in radio stations so you don’t even have to think about what to play on that long road trip
    • Better search - filter search results by songs, artists, albums, and playlists to help you find what you want faster
    • Personal radio - like a radio session you’ve started based on a Massive Attack song? Save that station as Massive Attack Radio, and come back to it instantly, anytime

    You can download the app now to your jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. And even though we’d love to be in the app store, we’re just thrilled to be able to give you guys an app you’ll (fingers crossed) enjoy grooving to.

    UPDATE: If the app is crashing for you on launch, do the update we just released—should fix this!

  8. After over a year of diligently working, last week marked us leaping through all the hoops necessary to finally offer what is far-and-away our most-requested feature: a Grooveshark app for the iPhone.  Obviously the last few days have been insanely exciting for us: seeing months of laboring over a hot MacBook finally bear fruit, not to mention the happiness we get being able to provide a great service to music fans all over the world.

    Earlier this afternoon, Apple sent us a letter notifying us that, due to a complaint they received from Universal Music Group UK, Grooveshark for iPhone has been, strangely, pulled from the App Store.

    This comes as an absolute surprise to us, and we are not sleeping until we figure out exactly how to fix this—and get Grooveshark for iPhone back in the App Store. Above all, our biggest concern is damaging the service we provide to all of you guys—our loyal (awesome) users.

    If you’ve already downloaded the app, keep enjoying it. We’re going to keep working hard to provide the best services we possibly can across the web, BlackBerry, Android, Palm WebOS, Symbian, and everywhere else you love your music—including the iPhone.

  9. Last Friday I told you that we’re giving out a FREAKING FREE year of Grooveshark VIP with any shirt order from our store—for one more week. Today, right now, at this very moment marks the end of that week.

    If you missed your chance to be awesome, I’m really sorry and we’re never offering this promotion again we’re extending it for another week in honor of Grooveshark for iPhone launching!

    So for one more week, you can get a slick shirt, a free year of VIP—with access to Grooveshark for iPhone, free, that entire year. GO NOW! GO!

  10. Hopefully you didn’t miss our live-stream announcement today at 4, but in case you did: Grooveshark’s iPhone app is finally available in the App Store!

    We’ve been working laboriously on this app for a long time, and we are really excited to announce what we honestly feel to be one of the best mobile music apps in the market.

    Grooveshark for iPhone gives you access to your playlists, Favorites, search and play any song as well as nifty extras like Offline Caching (for Airplane Mode). 

    What’s next? We’re working on some slick updates like multitasking—and we’ll keep you posted!

    Oh, and if you have downloaded it, please rate it nicely! :)

    UPDATE: The app has been removed.