1. It’s Friday and we have an awesome party tip for our most tech-savvy Sharks. Try using your new Chromecast device to project the Grooveshark web player right to your home entertainment system. Enjoy your entire music library in your favorite place for entertainment.

    Update as of September 2014: You may still access your full Grooveshark library on Chromecast via our main site (grooveshark.com) or html5 mobile site at (http://html5.grooveshark.com/) using the ‘mirroring’ tool.

  2. The Big Android BBQ kicks off tonight in Austin, TX and the Android team from Grooveshark will be in attendance!

    Google’s Android platform has managed to become one of the fastest growing and popular platforms in the world in just three years! Google calls the Big Android BBQ a “Funvention”. A great opportunity for developers, vendors and Android enthusiasts to get out of the office and have some fun while learning new things and getting to know one another. If you happen to be in attendance be sure to stop by the Grooveshark table for some fun, information and swag! Happy Friday Sharks!

  3. This morning, Google released their annual Zeitgeist—a roundup of the most popular search terms on the web throughout the year. We’re thrilled to announce that in 2010, Grooveshark made the list of the Top 10 Searches in the United States.

    Coming in just behind Facebook, and just ahead of our guilty pleasure the popular TV show Glee, Grooveshark comes in as the #8 most popular rising search in the United States for the year.

    And it’s not just the United States! Grooveshark is ranked third in Argentina—ahead of Twitter, and just behind the Bieb—and ninth overall for entertainment globally.

    Showing up on a Top 10 list including the iPad, Chatroulette, and Justin Bieber is what compelled us to start Grooveshark originally. Now that we’ve achieved our goal, we’re excited to keep updating the just-launched revisions to Grooveshark, shop for last-minute holiday gifts, and make 2011 even more awesome.

    Thank you, Grooveshark friends. New and old, you never cease to surprise and delight us.