1. Hey Sharks,

    It’s our favorite time of the week, site updates! We have some new page layouts, enhanced features, and an upgrade that will make sharing songs with your friends a whole lot easier.


    • New: We’ve completely restructured how artist pages are organized. By default, a summary of the artist’s albums will be displayed by release date, along with their most popular songs. If you’d like to browse the artist’s entire collection of music, you can easily toggle back to the song view by selecting the “Songs” tab above the album section.
    • Now you can select from a list of Followers when sharing content on Grooveshark.
    • The scrollbar for your queue is now larger and easier to maneuver.
    • The 'Recent Broadcasts' section now displays even more of the broadcasts you have visited.

    Want to be part of what makes Grooveshark the best place to listen, share, and collect music on the web? Join your fellow Sharks who consistently provide us with important feedback and email your suggestions to support@grooveshark.com.

  2. Hey Sharks, we have quite a few awesome changes this week!


    • Notifications: We’re now showing more notifications in the dropdown. If you have more than 4, you’ll see a scrollbar.
    • Recent Listens: Users now have the option to ‘clear all’ listens. (This can be found by clicking ‘see all’ on the recent listens list and choosing the option from the gear menu.)
    • Queue Page: You can now drag songs to reorder your queue.
    • Player Area: Broadcast voting icons now turn orange when you click them.

    As always, we have fixed a ton of bugs that were reported by our awesome users, like you!

    If you have any trouble feel free to email us at support@grooveshark.com.