1. Elestial Sound: A Collective Culture of Music and Art

    In a world where anyone with access to GarageBand can create music to share with the world, it has become a rarity to find artists coming together to create, record, and promote local music.  Nestled just down the street from the Grooveshark Headquarters is the independent label, gallery, recording studio, and artist collective, Elestial Sound. This do-it-yourself initiative truly showcases the passion and drive that goes into making art. 


    Elestial Sound, the independent record label based out of Gainesville, Fla, is releasing its first compilation album on April 30th. 

    Only two years old, Elestial Sound has quickly become a vital part of Gainesville’s alternative art and music culture. The compilation—meant to showcase Elestial Sound as a collaborative group of artists—will feature songs from ten of the bands on the label: MSNRA, Euglossine, Ghost Fields, Chromadadata, Floating, Pospulenn, Orchal and Vir, Jane Jane Pollock, Danny and Emily Reo.

    The music is influenced by many different genres —- psychedelic, electronic and indie to name a few —- but the bands hardly pigeonhole their sound into specific categories. MSNRA, for example, is a hip-hop group that blends elements of electronic and world music to create a unique sound.

    The artists, who have taken time from their solo work to create music specifically for the album, have worked closely with each other since Elestial Sound’s beginning in 2011. They frequently play live shows together at venues across Gainesville, and, in 2012 and 2013, they performed at South by Southwest (SXSW), a music and interactive conference in Austin, Texas.

    Although music is the main driving force behind Elestial Sound, it is not the only thing that defines it.  The Gainesville collective puts on live, local shows that combine elements of music and art to create a mesmerizing experience.  Art installations are specially crafted to add to the ambiance of each show. The stage and walls of The Church of Holy Colors, where many of the local shows are held, are sometimes covered with hand-painted colorful designs, or, more recently, plastered with vibrant afghan blankets. Lights that pulsate to the beat of the music hang from the ceiling and vintage 35-millimeter slide projectors cast filmstrips around the room.  Far from the top 40 glitz and glam of mainstream shows held at huge venues—Elestial Sound shows’ actually mix authentic music with real art.  

    Davis Hart, co-owner of the label describes his organization as a “mutating entity” that is still evolving and defining itself.  “It’s a collective of artists, musicians and builders and people just mad to live,” he said.

    Gabriel Ortiz, the other half of the founding pair, says the compilation is a great example of this collective effort.  

    In addition to encouraging and inspiring one another in their solo endeavors, some of the artists also lend their talents to multiple projects. Tristan Whitehill, the force behind Euglossine, composes and performs with MSNRA and collaborates with Kane Pour of Pospulenn in the duo known as Orchal and Vir.

    “The nature of our community is built upon the idea that we all help support each other’s creative output,” Whitehill said. “Each project is equally special and the community is there to help each artist’s vision.”

    The soon-to-be released album will be available for purchase on the official website: www.elestialsound.com.






  2. 18 colorful pounds of waste to be put to use in growing more delicious food!

        When presented with the opportunity to keep it classy environmentally, we at Grooveshark like to do what we can. For example, most sharks walk, bike, or make use of public transportation to get to the office and around town; instead of trashing surplus office furniture or relegating it to storage, we donate it to start-ups who can benefit from it; and it wouldn’t be out of place to see an eco-friendly shark sorting recyclables from the trash to one of the various recycling bins strategically around the office. Our latest endeavor in environmentally minded affairs is participation in the “pedal-powered community compost network”, Gainesville Compost. Check out what Compost Executive Officer & founder Chris Cano had to say about it!

        “We are excited to partner with Grooveshark to help reduce [its] food waste and convert [its] kitchen scraps from waste to food! Our bicycle-powered community composting program enables Gainesville restaurants and businesses to turn their food waste into sustainable soil for the local urban agriculture movement. We have partnered with small businesses and organizations around town to build a network of composting and garden hubs, where we are making our soil and using it to grow food in inspiring ways. It just goes to show, one person’s trash is another’s topsoil!

        Thank you to Grooveshark and chef Stella for helping to divert 18 pounds of food waste from the landfill on the first collection! We could tell from the colorful contents of the bucket that you all get fed well, which means our compost will be, too!

        Gainesville gardeners can join the movement by becoming members of the first ever Compost CSA program, which enables community members to support this exciting initiative while receiving shares of our locally-made premium compost and liquid soil amendments.”

        For more info scope out Gainesville Compost’s Facebook Page and their website here.

    The first pick-up! Featuring, from left to right: :Joel Hackman, Stella, Chris Cano, and Brett Miller!

    Love & Environmental Grooves,

  3.         Grooveshark is full of pretty big music geeks, so it’s only natural that whenever music performances take place in our hometown (Gainesville, Florida!), we’ve got to be there. We’re fortunate that Gainesville often finds itself on a lot of great artists’ tour routes. We love to invite artists to our office to kick back a bit, share their insight and experiences from the tour, feast upon cuisine prepared by our in-house chef, and, if we’re lucky, record some awesomeness here in our own office.
            The past few weeks we’ve had the pleasure of having some of those artists visit our office. Here’s a recap of some of the artists who have come by recently.

    Above: Emancipator came in and we got a great interview with him and his violinist.

    Above: Emancipator tour dog! We theorize that all domesticated animals love Grooveshark. Soft shirts!

    Above: Marley Carroll swung by and showed off some crazy turntable skills — be on the lookout for the upcoming Grooveshark Presents video (Instagram link).

    Above: The one-man band/touring machine Netherfriends dropped in to lay down a short set in our music room (Instagram link).

    Above: Matt Pryor (singer/songwriter of The Get Up Kids) stopped in with his son, the esteemed Mr. Jersey, and recorded an acoustic set (Instagram link)!

    Above: Badfish played a show in Gainesville, we stopped by the venue for a chance to meet them.

            If you’re an artist coming through Gainesville on tour, get in touch with us, stop by, pickup a shirt, and grab some dinner at the office. We’d love to meet you!

    PRO-TIP:    If you’re on an iPhone, follow our Instagram account (@grooveshark) for the latest and greatest artists to visit the Grooveshark Offices.

  4. We caught some sharks making jam at the Grooveshark Headquarters in Gainesville, Fla. Enjoy some of our very own talent!

  5. This week’s Artist Profiler is going local! We have decided to feature Hundred Waters, a favorite, local band from Gainesville, Fla. where Grooveshark's headquarters are located. 

    Hundred Waters is a band formed of fate. Having been dear friends since childhood with musical releases under many different names, Hundred Waters is the butterfly hatched from those extensive past endeavors. The music transcends genres, mixing electronic, acoustic, and classical forms into a cohesive landscape that carries the listener through a series of unfamiliar sounds and sonic permutations. 

    The Basics

    · Given Names:  Nicole Miglis, Trayer Tryon, Paul Giese, Zach Tetreault, Allen Scott, Sam Moss

    · Ages: 22-24

    · Hometown: Gainesville, FL

    What instruments do you play?

    Electronics, guitars, drums, keys, pipes

    Who would your dream collaboration be with?

    The Church of Holy Colors

    Describe your music in 3 words. 

    Shining, shimmering, splendid

    What’s the bands’ spirit animal?

    The Honeybee

    What song is your guiltiest pleasure?

    Anywhere by 112

    What Movie do you wish you made the soundtrack to?

    Kurosawa’s Dreams

    And last but not least, what’s your favorite food?

    BOGO orgo froyo

    Check out three of  Hundred Waters's original tracks below and don't forget to follow them on Twitter and Facebook

  6. Last week at Grooveshark HQ in Gainesville, we were pleasantly surprised by a special delivery from our friends at StickCore!

    StickCore is a fellow Gainesville-based startup, specializing in web design, and we recently donated some office furniture to help them design in comfort. To say thanks, they donated a delicious cookie cake to our team to help feed the sharks while we work. 

    Dustin, Ty, Dan, Joe, and James with a hungry look in their eye.

    We’ll be giving away tons more furniture to startups in the Gainesville area very soon, so stay tuned—and thanks again to our friends at StickCore! We’re never opposed to surprise deliveries.

  7. This week we were honored to have the Gainesville Mayor visit the Grooveshark Headquarters. The Mayor was taken on a tour of our brand new expanded offices, and sat down with our founders to discuss Gainesville as a tech hub, and how Grooveshark plays a big role in that.

    Doug Finger/The Gainesville Sun

    Check out the except below from The Gainesville Sun about the Mayor’s visit, and read the whole article here.

    Grooveshark has added two office suites in downtown Gainesville and 45 employees this year, with plans to add 100 more people and additional office space before the year is over.

    That was the main point company founders Sam Tarantino and Josh Greenberg made to Mayor Craig Lowe as he toured Grooveshark’s Gainesville offices Monday to discuss ways to continue attracting high-tech, high-wage jobs.

    Lowe said Grooveshark is the kind of pollution-free, high-tech company that the Innovation Gainesville economic development initiative wants to encourage.

    “It’s so beneficial for us when people outside of Gainesville view Gainesville as a tech hub,” Greenberg said. “We want to align ourselves with anything that helps push that forward.”

  8. We’re so stoked to announce that we’re teaming up with Garage Mahal to bring The Hood Internet show to Gainesville, Florida on Wednesday, October 12 at the Double Down Live.

    The Hood Internet is a Chicago-based production duo specializing most notably in mashups of hip-hop - from the mainstream to the underground - with indie rock. They also run a blog of the same name through which they release their music, a venture that helped their foray into performing live DJ sets of their material.

    As some of you might know, the Shark headquarters are in Gainesville, so we’re excited to bring this awesome act to our hometown. For those of you not located in the Sunshine State, be sure to check out their tour line-up here to see when they’re hitting up your neck of the woods.

    Go here to purchase tickets to this show- we’ll see ya there!

  9. We sharks try to give back—using our resources with music, the local community, and technology to support organizations that address critical issues related to the environment, health, conservation, music or what have you.

    We’re working with the 7th Annual Gators March for Babies on Sunday, November 14th in our hometown, Gainesville, FL.

    The event is an extension of the more widely known March of Dimes, one of the leading voluntary health organization dedicated to improving the health of babies in the United States. Considering the Unites States currently ranks 30th in infant mortality rates when compared to similarly developed countries, their mission is a pretty important one.

    If you’re in Gainesville, come hang out with us at the event.