1. Have you ever had to run to class or work and missed your favorite Broadcaster in action? Or wanted to check out a new Broadcaster but thought you should first review their track record before committing to the cause? Or, you are a Broadcaster and your guests are asking you about sets/songs you played weeks ago and it just all gets lost in the musical madness that you have to juggle as a digital streaming superstar?

    Well, have no fear because Archived Broadcasts are officially here.

    It’s like the glorious DVR invention, but for your Broadcast music library. Just add an “s” on the end of the Broadcaster’s URL (so http://grooveshark.com/#!/les.voyageurs/broadcast becomes http://grooveshark.com/#!/les.voyageurs/broadcasts) and you can choose the event and the Broadcast date, organized by genre and title from the options available. Screenshot example for us visual learners, below:


    And if you’re a Broadcaster yourself and feel like you had an off day? (How embarrassing that you played a song 2x in a row, no one can ever know!) You can easily delete anything from the past. Sort of like when you realize you don’t realllly need every episode of RHOBH recorded, just the past, say, seven.

    Hopefully this little tool will give you hours of listening pleasure and/or will act as a great resource for music discovery.

    Questions/comments/concerns/praise? We want to hear it! 

    -by Anna Murphy

  2. Sharks, we have a big announcement!

    Grooveshark is getting a site redesign! Everyone here has been working diligently to improve Grooveshark to be more seamless, aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate. Our last site redesign was in December of 2010 and this redesign promises to be the best Grooveshark it can be. To reward our loyal users we are giving our subscribers an early access preview.

    Some aspects of the site redesign include a subtle facelift to the aesthetics, improvements to navigation, improvements to the queue and improvements to the social aspects of Grooveshark. The new social aspects will include new artist profile pages, new user profile pages, an improved community section and improved activity feeds. There will also be a new explore section with a discovery aspect including featured music and recommendations.

    Because we love the people who read our blog, we are sharing some screenshots to give a preview of some of the new features! 

    We’ve made some changes to make it easier to navigate Grooveshark, no matter what page you’re on. The new top navigation bar lets you quickly search for music, find your friends and feeds, view your music, and go to our new section, Explore.

    Explore is a brand new section of Grooveshark that helps you discover all kinds of new music. From new releases to featured playlists, popular songs and genre Radio Stations, Explore will help you find great music that you’re going to love.

    On the Artists page you can browse, discover or keep up with any artist you’d like!

    Here you can keep up with what your favorite artists have been up to lately on the New Releases page!

    On the Popular page you can explore the most popular songs being played on Grooveshark.

    Here you can browse and listen to the array of stations that Grooveshark has predesigned based on genre.

    Clicking on My Music takes you to your library of songs, playlists, favorites, and all the things you’ve pinned to your sidebar—your quick list of all your favorite playlists, songs, and stations.

    Your Favorites live here!

    Here are all of your playlists, neatly organized for you to find and jam out to!

    We’ve updated the Community page to make it easier to track what your shark friends are listening to! 

    This is what it will look like when you go to find a song and play it. 

    This page shows how artists will be organized. There will be tabs for activity, songs, albums and events. 

    We hope you enjoy the redesign and let us know what you think! We will unveil the official redesign to all of our users in the near future - stay tuned!

  3. Another Wednesday, another release from Grooveshark. This release features a lot of behind-the-scenes fixes that should make Grooveshark perform like a bosshark. There are two features of note, however, that we think you should know about.

    First, we’re happy to announce that we’ve made it easy for you to find your Facebook friends on Grooveshark! Now, when you connect to Facebook, we offer you the ability to find your other Groovy friends!

    If you’ve never linked your Grooveshark and Facebook accounts before, the option should pop up when you connect for the first time. If you’re already connected, you can find your friends by opening up your Account menu, choosing Settings and then Third Party Settings, and clicking the ‘Find Friends’ button. Check it out:

    Second, we’ve added an ‘Extras’ section to the Account menu. This page highlights some of the lesser-known features of Grooveshark. At the moment, all of the features listed here are for Plus and Anywhere subscribers only, but we’ll be adding more extras in the future!

    Oh, and Twitter Sharing works again . More awesome coming soon! 

    Questions, comments, suggestions, pictures of cats? Spam our Facebook Wall, Tweet @GroovesharkHelp, or say hello to us on the /r/Grooveshark Subreddit.

  4. Since the addition of Community Feeds to Grooveshark, I’ve been finding more music than ever—all from my friends.  On top of that, checking out the Recently Active tab lets you see a feed of all sorts of different users interacting with Grooveshark.

    The only problem? Nobody has a profile pic!  So go to Grooveshark (logged in), and check out your Settings, where you can add a spiffy, nice picture of yourself! Pretty please!

  5. Did you know Grooveshark VIPs have beta access to some visualizers? This video will not show you how to access them—but it will show you how silly/stupid we are.

    On Preview or in Grooveshark Desktop, click on ‘Full Screen Mode’ on the bottom right (near the volume adjuster). Enjoy! And tell me what you think.

  6. Oh, Grooveshark. Regardless of the various ways folks use Grooveshark, we all like it for the same core reason: searching and playing any song in the world. But there’s so much more!

    I’m trying to figure out what the one feature about Grooveshark is that you absolutely love. Sharing with TinySong? Changing your themes? Or something that most people might not even know about?

    Please tell me what your absolute favorite Grooveshark feature is!  And no feature requests!—I’ll be posting about that very, very soon.