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    by Auction for the Promise Club

    There’s a very good chance that the lyrics to this song are actually subliminal messages. Give this track from AFTPC a listen and you’ll know what we mean.


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    by Conveyor

    Want to see some skin? The indieipop band Conveyor serves up all of your dermus driven desires (and a little bit of fingerplay) in their new music video for the song, Woolgatherer.


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  3. Crystal Vases

    by The Last Royals

    It’s upbeat, it’s happy, and by golly, it is exactly the type of finger-snapping music that your Friday needs. Enjoy this infectiously melodic tune from The Last Royals on this Featured Video Friday.


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    Nice and Slow

    by Max Frost

    Up-and-coming and set to perform during SXSW this year, Max Frost, the native Austinite singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist is nothing less than a musical chameleon. Frost dances the line between blues, hip-hop, pop, and soul effortlessly and with obvious skill, so much so that I’ve almost forgotten that these genre distinctions ever existed in the first place.


    Maxfrost on Instagram

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  5. Grooveshark Featured Video Friday

    Yet Again

    by Grizzly Bear

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  6. Featured Video Friday Grooveshark


    by Rone

  7. Grooveshark Featured Video Friday

    Polish Girl

    by Neon Indian

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  8. Featured Video Friday Grooveshark


    by Roc Marciano

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  9. Grooveshark Featured Video Friday

    Elemental Light (Remix)

    by The Cult’s

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