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    EDM DJ Milkman recently released “Reboot,” a self-produced EP with five upbeat electronic songs that we can’t stop listening to. We had an opportunity to ask him a few questions about the state of EDM and his recommendations for new artists. Read along, and get ready to ask him your own questions in a live Broadcast taking place today at 2pm EST.

    GS: What do you think is the most overused audio technique today?

    MM: I am cool with everything in moderation, it’s when it begins to get formulaic that it begins to get overused. I think the most overused audio technique isn’t the distorted kicks or pryda snare, even though those are pretty overused. I think the worst thing and most overused is the hard limiter! The loudness war is getting out of control and is killing all the amazing dynamic properties available with electronic music!

    What is your favorite product you can’t live without?

    My Manley Variable Mu compressor! It’s a hardware compressor that I use on ALL of my tracks. That and the Waves Studio Classics bundle. Those plugins are essential!

    Who is your dream collaboration?

    Wolfgang Gartner.

    Of all the tracks you start to work on, what percentage actually make it to completion?

    5%. I completely finish 25-35% of the tracks I start, and about a quarter of those end up getting released.

    How did you get involved with Grooveshark and why do you use it?

    I got involved with Grooveshark by doing one of those takeover hours! I’ve been using Grooveshark since my early college days and it blew my mind how I could listen to all the music I wanted online!! The social aspect of Grooveshark is my favorite. The live chats, sharing.. etc. There is no better platform for sharing music with my fans.

    If you could give 1 tip to artists starting out right now, what would it be?

    Don’t try to be your favorite producer. Take a little bit from all of your inspirations and create something your own.

    Milkman is debuting an exclusive mix and will be joined by special guest Kait Weston today on a special Broadcast. Join us to listen in and you can ask him your own questions in the live chat. Hope to see you there!  

  2. #GroovesharkPresents Greenhouse Lounge: “Release” 

    Check out this #GroovesharkPresents music video collaboration with Greenhouse Lounge featuring their new track, “Release.”

    Greenhouse Lounge is an electronic musical trio that combines the computer based production of a DJ, accompanied by rock guitar leads, heavy synthesized bass and live drums. They are adept at merging these rumbling dub basslines with pumping electronica beats, breakbeat dynamics and staggering sample manipulation. Their music can be described as euphoric; a hypnotic based sound; tightly woven sonic soundscapes that are rich in melody and texture.

    Stay tuned for the launch of their new EP, “The Other Side,” coming to you exclusively on Grooveshark, September 2nd. Listen to Greenhouse lounge now on Grooveshark.

    Catch them on tour in a city near you:

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  3. Grooveshark would like to introduce you to the up-and-coming music of J.Viewza multi-genre electronic project brought together under the direction of Brooklyn-based producer and songwriter Jonathan Dagan.

    J.Viewz has found a way to mix electronica, pop, R&B, indie, and rock in a way that resonates with a broad range of people with an array of musical tastes. With no active promotion, hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed his music and created hype for his new album — Rivers and Homes. Don’t miss out on this incredible album and artist!

    The Basics

    · Given Name: Jonathan Dagan
    · Age: 29
    · Hometown: Brooklyn/Tel-Aviv

    What instruments do you play?


    Who would your dream collaboration be with?

    Leonard Cohen

    Describe your music in 3 words.

    Electronic, Emotional, Detailed.

    What’s your spirit animal?


    What song(s) is your guiltiest pleasure?

    A-Ha ‘Take on me”

    What Movie do you wish you made the soundtrack to?

    Daft Punk; the movie.

    And last but not least, what’s your favorite food?

    Vegetable Pad thai.

    Don’t take our word for it, listen to J.Viewz on Grooveshark or on the widget below to experience his talent for yourself.