1. Grooveshark and White Castle go to Camp Bisco

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  2. Above: Main Stages + Camp

    As part of our awesome summer festival partnership with Bacardi+, Grooveshark experienced three days of amazing music at Camp Bisco, an annual music festival held in Mariaville, New York. We set out on the road to Bisco early morning Wednesday, July 11, for a music experience that attracts an estimated crowd of 25,000 people. Here’s a recap of our time there!

    Top: The crowd at Portugal the Man

    Grooveshark and Bacardi+ ran the Media Tent at Bisco, serving as the hub for all media agents at the festival. Every morning, media teams gathered in the tent to be briefed on festival updates.

    With free WiFi, phone charging hubs, Bacardi+ Pre-Mixed cocktails, and a Grooveshark listening station to preview which artists to catch next, our tent saw hundreds of media, artist, and VIP faces throughout the festival.

    Above Left: Grooveshark/Bacardi+ tent
    Above Right: Look at that swag!
    Below Left: Press briefing in progress
    Below Right: Grooveshark listening station

    VIP’s and media agents also visited the tent for free Grooveshark/Bacardi+ gear. We gave away so much! Here’s a quick breakdown:

    • 250 beach balls
    • 500 lighters
    • 300 coozies
    • 400 bottle openers
    • 500 plastic cups
    • 600 stickers
    • 300 premium ear plugs (courtesy of Bacardi+)

    Bassnectar and Skrillex dominated the main stage with awesome sets. Skrillex had a media blackout which was lifted right before his show and allowed us to get some awesome shots

    Top & Above Left: Skrillex
    Above Right, Bottom Left, & Bottom Right: Bassnectar

    Everyone was wearing bandanas as a result of the massive amount of dust at the festival; however, the rain on the second night made for an enjoyable third day.

    Above: One day of dust at Bisco

    The festival also attracted a variety of Go-go dance troupes, notably the Kitty Koalition, who made frequent stops in the tent for dancing and cocktails. These troupes dressed up in outrageous costumes and hustled their ways on stage to dance alongside some of the festival’s biggest-named artists.


    There were also a lot of remnant bikers scattered around the festival from a motorcycle rally on-site the week before. They were all friendly and added to the diverse culture in attendance.


    We experienced a lot of awesome things at Bisco, but one of our favorites was the sunset as viewed by a $5 ride on the ferris wheel.

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    Love and Fun Festival Times,


    It turns out that a few peeps from Grooveshark aren’t going to be able to make it to Camp Bisco (an awesome music festival in NY) this year.  As a result, we are having a contest to give away the extra 3-day passes we have sitting around the office.  

    All you have to do to enter the competition is submit an essay (500 words or less) describing your favorite live music experience.  Write about a show, a festival, a musical event you got kicked out of, etc… The sky is the limit.

    The top three submission will each receive 2 tickets to Camp Bisco 9 in Mariaville, NY and 15 honorable mentions will receive 1 year of free Grooveshark VIP.  All submissions should be sent to campbisco@grooveshark.com (make sure to include your mailing address).  

    Make it creative.  Make it awesome.  

    Obviously, rating of writing submissions is inherently subjective to some degree.  As such, we have recruited some judges from outside of Grooveshark HQ (including Erik the janitor and the nameless homeless guy from Starbucks) to make the judgments as fair as possible.  

    Camp Bisco 9 starts on the 15th, so this is pretty last minute.  We are going to run the contest until this Sunday (July 11) at 12pm EST.  Tickets will be overnighted to the winners on Monday!