It’s freezing pretty much everywhere in the country right now, but as we all know, music can warm the soul. 

There are already 250+ music moods to choose from on Grooveshark, and now we’re [world] widening the main genres list, with the following popular picks from our international userbase:

  • Bachata (Dominican Republic): Afro Latin romantic music that has inspired a dance by the same name.
  • Cumbia (Colombia): Colombian folk dance and genre of dance music, called the “music backbone of Latin America” by NPR.
  • K-pop (South Korea): Comprised by genres of “Korean pop” and characterized by a wide variety of audiovisual elements.
  • Samba (Brazil): Brazilian dance and musical genre that uses a 2/4 time signature and is derived from African and European roots.

Although the most traffic is coming from the above genres’ respective countries, we think that everyone can use a little culture in their playlist collections, so stream & save away!

Now for some K-pop.

By Anna Murphy