Have you ever had to run to class or work and missed your favorite Broadcaster in action? Or wanted to check out a new Broadcaster but thought you should first review their track record before committing to the cause? Or, you are a Broadcaster and your guests are asking you about sets/songs you played weeks ago and it just all gets lost in the musical madness that you have to juggle as a digital streaming superstar?

Well, have no fear because Archived Broadcasts are officially here.

It’s like the glorious DVR invention, but for your Broadcast music library. Just add an “s” on the end of the Broadcaster’s URL (so http://grooveshark.com/#!/les.voyageurs/broadcast becomes http://grooveshark.com/#!/les.voyageurs/broadcasts) and you can choose the event and the Broadcast date, organized by genre and title from the options available. Screenshot example for us visual learners, below:


And if you’re a Broadcaster yourself and feel like you had an off day? (How embarrassing that you played a song 2x in a row, no one can ever know!) You can easily delete anything from the past. Sort of like when you realize you don’t realllly need every episode of RHOBH recorded, just the past, say, seven.

Hopefully this little tool will give you hours of listening pleasure and/or will act as a great resource for music discovery.

Questions/comments/concerns/praise? We want to hear it! 

-by Anna Murphy