1. After over a year of diligently working, last week marked us leaping through all the hoops necessary to finally offer what is far-and-away our most-requested feature: a Grooveshark app for the iPhone.  Obviously the last few days have been insanely exciting for us: seeing months of laboring over a hot MacBook finally bear fruit, not to mention the happiness we get being able to provide a great service to music fans all over the world.

    Earlier this afternoon, Apple sent us a letter notifying us that, due to a complaint they received from Universal Music Group UK, Grooveshark for iPhone has been, strangely, pulled from the App Store.

    This comes as an absolute surprise to us, and we are not sleeping until we figure out exactly how to fix this—and get Grooveshark for iPhone back in the App Store. Above all, our biggest concern is damaging the service we provide to all of you guys—our loyal (awesome) users.

    If you’ve already downloaded the app, keep enjoying it. We’re going to keep working hard to provide the best services we possibly can across the web, BlackBerry, Android, Palm WebOS, Symbian, and everywhere else you love your music—including the iPhone.

  2. Hopefully you didn’t miss our live-stream announcement today at 4, but in case you did: Grooveshark’s iPhone app is finally available in the App Store!

    We’ve been working laboriously on this app for a long time, and we are really excited to announce what we honestly feel to be one of the best mobile music apps in the market.

    Grooveshark for iPhone gives you access to your playlists, Favorites, search and play any song as well as nifty extras like Offline Caching (for Airplane Mode). 

    What’s next? We’re working on some slick updates like multitasking—and we’ll keep you posted!

    Oh, and if you have downloaded it, please rate it nicely! :)

    UPDATE: The app has been removed.

  3. Cugini the Genie will grant some users’ wish today…

    Grooveshark's Cugini the Genie

    The Countdown Concludes in only eight TWO hours.

  4. Just like Kriss Kross taking the world by storm, in 24 hours shark world will be flipped.

  5. 36 HOURS UNTIL GO.  Do you know this man?

    36 HOURS UNTIL GO.  Do you know this man?