1. It’s the first day of the loveliest month of the year and we have something that is sure to put a smile on your face. Grooveshark for your devices now gives you the option to Collect and Favorite. Add any song to your online music library just by clicking the check mark, or save your Favorites by selecting the heart. Head to Grooveshark.com right now on your mobile browser and check it out!

  2. We made a promise to ourselves to deliver music to the world and we are proud to say that we have now become the first music company on the planet to allow instant global access to streaming on-demand music, without the use of an app. All over the world Grooveshark users can now hop onto Grooveshark.com on their iOS and Android browsers and get instant access to their Playlists, Favorites, and their entire music catalog. 

    Not yet available in: UK, France, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Brazil, and Canada.

    Happy Listening, 


  3. If you haven’t already heard from Mashable, then we are certainly ecstatic to be the first to let you know that there is a brand new way for you to enjoy all the Grooveshark tunes you love. Long weeks, sleepless nights, and copious amounts of caffeine have given birth to our browser-based HTML5 web-app. Your personal playlists, genre stations, and the rest of your favorite Grooveshark features are all accessible simply by going to Grooveshark.com on your mobile browser.  Happy Listening :-)

    Grooveshark mobile free html5 browser

  4. We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Livio Radio that will bring Grooveshark on the road with you! Allow us to introduce to you the first ever in-car app integration, The Grooveshark Kit

    The Grooveshark Kit is a plug-and-play device broadcasts Grooveshark from your Android® phone to any FM car stereo. The Kit also features Bluetooth hands-free calling, USB charging for your phone and buttons to safely control the Grooveshark application while en route. 

    “This is our first Grooveshark branded device and we can’t wait to help our users get our service in the car. With the help of Livio Connect, we expect this to be the first of many other places our users can access Grooveshark in the future.” - Sam Tarantino, Grooveshark Founder and CEO.

    Android smartphone users can download the Grooveshark app for free here

    If this wasn’t enough good news, when you purchase the Grooveshark Kit you automatically get a three-month free trial of Grooveshark Anywhere! To pre-order your Grooveshark Kit by Livio click here!

  5. The Big Android BBQ kicks off tonight in Austin, TX and the Android team from Grooveshark will be in attendance!

    Google’s Android platform has managed to become one of the fastest growing and popular platforms in the world in just three years! Google calls the Big Android BBQ a “Funvention”. A great opportunity for developers, vendors and Android enthusiasts to get out of the office and have some fun while learning new things and getting to know one another. If you happen to be in attendance be sure to stop by the Grooveshark table for some fun, information and swag! Happy Friday Sharks!

  6. Several Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Virgin USA users reported that they have difficulty streaming music over 3G/4G networks or playing offlined songs with Grooveshark for Android. It took a little time, but our investigators got to the bottom of this, and we’re here to let you know what we found.

    Sprint attempts to proxy media streams made over cellular connections through their servers. This proxying causes a conflict with Grooveshark’s playback mechanism, which causes songs to fail on 3G/4G networks. We have found a work-around for you though, if you’ve got a few minutes to call up your network provider. Check it out:

    1. In your phone, dial ##3282#.
    2. Choose ‘Edit Mode’
    3. Put in the password — you may need to call your mobile provider and ask for the MSL code, or the password for ##3282#, and they should give it to you.
    4. Choose Advanced
    5. Change the HTTP PD Proxy Port to: 0
    6. Change HTTP PD Proxy Address to:

    Follow those simple steps above and you should be ready to rock again! If you have any issues with this fix, please drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook.

    For more info on this topic, check out Sprint’s Community Forum.

  7. We know you’ve all been practically convulsing with anticipation about this one, so we’re extremely, extremely, extremely pleased to announce that Grooveshark has released two quick updates to our Android application. We released one version of the app that fixed a few people’s bugs early in the week, then took the feedback we received and created another fix that should resolve the rest of the issues!

    If you’ve got the app, it will ask you to update; if you don’t, point your smartyphone’s browser at m.grooveshark.com and start your free trial today!

    Heeeeeeeere’s Changelog:

    First, please be sure to have a few megabytes of space available on your SD card before installing this update, as your offline songs and player cache will be migrated to these new directories on first run.

    • We’ve released a revamped player which fixes many playback issues, including all those danged problems you’ve been having on your HD Desire, G2X, Atrix, and other fancy new phones.
    • Player seeking is now supported — you can drag your scrubber around to different points of the song you’re listening to!
    • Fixed crashes on small screen sizes. Your Citrus and other tiny-screened phones should now work like a dream!
    • Added support for Simple Last.fm Scrobbler — this version won’t spam your notifications, it caches offlined scrobbles, and works on phones the old scrobbler didn’t work on.
    • When using Simple Last.fm Scrobbler, favoriting a song syncs the song with your list of Last.fm loved songs
    • Added support for BugSense, a tool that allows us to better monitor app crashes and make quick fixes to problems!
    • Added the option to automatically download app updates - you can toggle it on your Settings menu.
    • Offline songs and player cache are written to Android-managed directories, and are removed on uninstall.

    We’re working around the clock over here at the shark tank to ensure that our lovely listeners can take their music on the go, so we hope you find this new update helpful!

  8. Good news! We just released updates to three of our mobile platforms: iPhone, Symbian, and Android. Check out the new features and bug fixes in these updates.

    iPhone v. 2.2.0, available in Cydia:

    Bugs Fixed:

    • Loading playlists on older devices is fixed
    • General stability increased
    • Your favorites now load more quickly.
    • Better offline stability.
    • Improved playback buffering.
    • Improved sorting performance.
    • Radio station (user or tag) persists between sessions.
    •  Overall increase in app responsiveness.


    • New “Refresh” feature! Sync changes to your playlists and favorited songs from the cloud in seconds.

    Symbian update 1.2, available at m.grooveshark.com


    • If a song fails to offline, the song is pushed back into the offline queue and two more attempts to offline it will be made.
    • Song Duration and Cover Art now displayed for offlined songs.

    Bug Fixes:

    • The API has been updated to use the latest Methods.
    • List functionality changed to speed up the application
    • Settings screen updated to display version number, amount of disk space used and ability to clear all offlined content.
    • Number of songs fetched increased to 600 (up from 100)
    • Now Playing icon now shows which song is playing.
    • You can now save Volume level and other settings

    Android 2.2.1:

    Bug Fixes:

    • Various changes to HTC EVO problems.
    • Fixed Playlist/Station crashes on Android 1.5 phones.
    • Improved application liveliness, responsiveness, and startup time.
    • Improved album art offlining and caching.
    • Improved playback across most devices.
    • Fixed configuration change bugs.
    • Various fixes to playlist and favorites syncing.


  9. A couple days ago we read about some folks who managed to install Android OS on the iPhone.  Just for kicks, we decided to try this out for ourselves—and get the Grooveshark Android app running on the device. It worked!

    Has anyone else tried this?

  10. Last week we released a patch to the Grooveshark Android app. Here’s what changed:

    • Fixed a bug that would crash the app if you lost connection while downloading songs to the Offline Cache
    • When editing a playlist, you can’t accidentally click a song and have it play now
    • A few null pointer exceptions & illegal argument exceptions
    • Fixed an issue with clearing out previously-read notifications

    We also just posted an update to the Grooveshark iPhone app that fixed a bug causing the app to crash when some users went to Settings.

    We know there are still some bugs with the apps—particularly some iPhone crashing issues—so if you’re still having problems, please let me know by commenting with which device you have, what version of the OS, and what’s causing the crash!

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