1. To all of our users who love to get down to some Rap and Hip Hop… you have not been forgotten! In your honor, a few sharks headed up to Atlanta during the AC3 Hip Hop Festival and rented out the legendary Stankonia Studios to give musical birth to a new mixtape: Grooveshark Presents… Stankonia Sessions: A3C Edition (Hosted by Royal Flush and SMKA).

    The seven-track mixtape, a group effort by Grooveshark, Stankonia Studios, Royal Flush Entertainment and SMKA Productions, is exclusively streaming for free on Grooveshark! We’re pretty sure you’re going to have some fun with this mixtape with tracks including Part of the Game”, “Feeling Free”, and “Shake It” by artists such as the Ying Yang Twins, 9th Wonder, Killer Mike, Freeway and Jarren Benton.

    “There was an amazing vibe in Stankonia all weekend,” said Mike Walbert of SMKA Productions. “Every artist that came through brought a great energy and unique creativity to the project. We spent 14 plus hours in the studio each day and are really excited about the music that came out of the Stankonia Sessions during A3C.  It was the perfect storm with A3C and Stankonia Studios and we are glad Grooveshark was able to make it happen.” 

    Artists were invited to choose from 20 tracks created by Grammy-nominated Royal Flush Entertainment and SMKA Productions to write their own verse on the spot. This challenge encouraged a range of your favorite rappers to get creative quickly and record an entire track in under 3 hours.

    Click here to check out the mixtape for yourself, and let us know what you think!  

  2. Today at Grooveshark we are getting ready for the weekend. This means less words and more photos. We have put together a little montage of some truly awesome, recent Grooveshark photos for you all. We saved the best for last. Enjoy!

    Wyclef Jean visited the Grooveshark office in New York today! As you can see from the photo everyone is excited out of their minds.

    One of our sharks sent us a picture of their bunny, Hef, wearing some sweet Grooveshark shades.

    Grooveshark employees are committed.

    D-Roc of the Ying Yang Twins representing Grooveshark in Atlanta today.

    The official Halloween mascot, Catcher. 

    Fanny packs are so back in style!

    Hope you sharks enjoyed our photo montage as much as we did! We enourage anyone to send us pictures of themselves listening to Grooveshark or sporting some Grooveshark gear. Send it to us via Facebook or Twitter. Oh and it’s almost Friday!