1. In our relentless pursuit to empower musicians and nurture the world of independent music, we hopped on Kickstarter to scope out artists and innovators that are using their talents to bring music to the world. After browsing through an absurd amount of projects, we stumbled upon two campaigns that sounded so great, we were compelled to harmonize with them. We teamed up with musician Jeff Harms and indie-music web series Dirty Laundry TV to promote their Kickstarter campaigns on the Grooveshark site via our video engagement platform. More than 75,000 YouTube views, and thousands of dollars in crowdfunding later, both campaigns were successfully funded. Jeff Harms and Dirty Laundry TV linked back up with us, and offered to give our Grooveshark listeners, and readers, a heads up on what we can look forward to as a result of their campaigns’ success.

    Jeff Harms

    Pledge Goal: $3000

    Backed: $6,007

    Singer-songwriter, Jeff Harms, found his way to Kickstarter to test whether he could pay for an album before it was even released to the public. Promising prizes that ranged from digital downloads, to even an 8-hour live performance, Harms left no limits to the extent of his gratitude for his supporters. His curiosities, and wild tactics, produced positive results because Harms managed to receive more than double the amount of his requested backing and his two-part album, He Said She Said That’s What She Said and Pretty Girls Don’t Just Talk to Me, are being released to the public this summer and this winter respectively. While this multi-talented artist plans on using the extra funds to ramp up the awareness for his new album, he may find himself too preoccupied with his new responsibilities of arranging and writing 15 custom songs and a rock opera for some of his generous fans.

    Check out this Kickstarter update video and get a glimpse of the creative process.

    Dirty Laundry TV

    Pledge Goal: $15,000

    Backed: $15,585

    The self-produced web-series, Dirty Laundry TV, has had a 3-year track record for delivering interviews with some of the most interesting bands in the independent music scene. Appropriately shot in a Silver Lake laundromat, this unconventional web-series became inspired to create a Kickstarter campaign after hearing about a fundraising drive on a local public radio station. Raising more than $15,000, Dirty Laundry TV’s fundraising efforts managed to provide more than enough spare change to keep the machines going on their weekly series. The team is now gearing up to expand the breadth of their content by taking their Dirty Laundry out of Silver Lake and onto the road.

    Check out their recent interview with Deap Valley and some of the sweet t-shirts they have on sale.

    Deap Valley having a Zen Moment.


  2. What would you do to meet meet Tiësto?

    We love to see sharks getting hooked up with awesome opportunities, so we got together with LoadnVote to bring you this sweet contest to go to Bounce Music Festival  with VIP tickets and backstage passes to meet Tiësto!

    A quick bit about the contest & LoadnVote:
        Snag yourself two VIP tickets + backstage passes to see Tiësto perform at Indiana University during Little 500 by Loading a 10 - 30 video on the contest page  before this Saturday (April 14th), describing what you’d do to meet Tiësto. The video with the most votes takes the prize, so get creative with it.

        Loadnvote is a contest-based website where people can compete for prizes and possibly gain some fame. Contests can be premised on musical talent, comedy routines, writing the most clever caption, and everything in between. Whether or not you’re the most talented shark you know, there are prizes for everyone to win, ranging from placement in a performance to a live audience, winning a free iPad, and free vacations (hint: Spring Break is right around the corner). All of these prizes are within your reach on LoadnVote as long as you’re willing to “Expose Yourself”.

    Love & Awesome Contests,
    Grooveshark & LoadnVote

  3.     Some sharks may have gotten a peek at the music video and brand promotions we started testing earlier this week. We’re excited to share some of the vision we have for this platform and the potential it has to help emerging artists. Check out the official press release copied below. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so if you have any feedback, suggestions, or ideas on how we can help artists even more, email us  — we’re always stoked to hear from you.

    If you’re a blogger or reporter and want to share the good news, feel free to grab the PDF version: GroovesharkEmergingArtistPromotions.pdf


    Gainesville, FL — (March 28, 2012) — Grooveshark, the largest internationally available music streaming and discovery service, has begun rolling out a compelling new video engagement platform this week.

    The video engagements will showcase artist music videos and brand advertisements as part of a broader objective to bring more exposure to emerging artists. This engagement tool is among several new initiatives being launched in the coming months designed to help empower emerging artists through the use of Grooveshark’s platform, brand partnerships, and passionate user base.

    Example music video promotion.

    The videos currently only appear based on an algorithm that identifies the most active and influential Grooveshark users, those who have the greatest ability to spread the word on new music and artists. Users will see no more than one 15- to 60-second promotional video for every four hours of music listening.

    "Artists are always asking us for new ways to share their music with the world and connect with new fans. By involving our most engaged users, who are more likely to be influencers, these videos become a unique and powerful promotional tool for artists, labels, producers, brands, everyone involved," said Alex Hoffman, Grooveshark’s Director of Artist Services. "We’re just getting started, but over time we expect to connect fans, artists and music videos based upon musical tastes. Our goal is to make these as personal, relevant, and enjoyable as possible."

    A sample of artists highlighted during launch include The Tenant, DWNTWN and Quiet Company. The results with these artists have been astounding during the one-month test period. Before featuring The Tenant’s music video for “Mystery Mountain,” it had only 1,800 views on YouTube. After being featured on Grooveshark’s video platform, the video rose to about 183,000 views, or about a 10,000 percent increase in views.

    "Our video view count jumped by more than 75,000 plays in a week and our Likes and comments more than quadrupled," said Dave Kay of The Tenant. "It’s amazing the number of new fans we’ve gained just because people are seeing the video. The exposure has been great."

    Viewership impact chart

    Artists and brands who are interested in being featured, including those with Kickstarter or other support campaigns who could benefit from Grooveshark’s video engagement platform, should contact engagement@grooveshark.com.

    For more information about Grooveshark, please contact Press@Grooveshark.com


  4. Our very own Colin Hostert talking a little bit about our veins and arteries, while pimping our partner Juniper Networks!

  5. In today’s crazy/awesome/random videos out there in the wild, here’s a video showing anyone who has ever wondered how to register for a Grooveshark account. In detail.

  6. It’s official: Shark Week 2010 is over, and we are sad. We had good times and we had bad times. Well, really only good times. And in order to make ourselves feel better until the next Shark Week rolls around, we made this video to commemorate and encapsulate all the joy that the coldest, fiercest, most efficient aquatic killing machines bring.

    Tags: Videos Sadness HQ

  7. Oh, hey! A video about how VIPs can turn on scrobbling to Last.fm.


  8. Earlier this week we had some trouble. A lot of you guys ran into problems with Grooveshark, particularly on Monday and Tuesday. There were theme problems. There were mystery problems.

    There were problems, and we are sorry—and, love, we don’t quite know exactly how we’re going to make it up to you yet. All we ask is that you give us a chance; just one chance. 

    You mean the world to us sharks, and all I want is to be the resolution to all the fruitless searches (for a truly awesome online music site, that is).

    What do you say?

    [via Say Anything from Grooveshark on Vimeo]

  9. Did you know Grooveshark VIPs have beta access to some visualizers? This video will not show you how to access them—but it will show you how silly/stupid we are.

    On Preview or in Grooveshark Desktop, click on ‘Full Screen Mode’ on the bottom right (near the volume adjuster). Enjoy! And tell me what you think.

  10. Answering the age-old question: What would happen if Grooveshark and YouTube got in a fight?

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