1. There are some exciting things happening exclusively for Grooveshark subscribers. For starters, we’ve changed the name of our premium subscription from Anywhere to VIP. Now, as a VIP, you have an all-access pass to the way music should be - no ads, the ability to offline songs on mobile devices, and more.

    Here’s what’s new:

    VIP Badges

    So everyone knows you’re a Grooveshark VIP.


    Desktop Notifications

    Chrome and Firefox users can now set up desktop notifications to alert them whenever a new song begins playing during their listening session. To do this, just visit the Subscriptions page and select ‘Enable Notifications’ found under the Browser Notifications section. To disable, simply select ‘Disable Notifications’.


    Grooveshark VIP’s can now use emojis in chat! This fun little feature was created in direct response to user request. 


    These new features further enhance the current perks of being a Grooveshark VIP member - which already include advertisement-free listening, customizable site skins or pre-made designer site skins, crossfade and visualizers, access to Grooveshark’s app on Android and iOS Jailbroken phones, priority e-mail customer service support from our community support team, sneak peeks of future redesigns on Grooveshark Preview, as well as extended space in your library and favorites lists.

    Want to give Grooveshark VIP a try? Sign up today!

    We’re always looking for new ways to improve the Grooveshark experience and we greatly value the opinions of our community. Have a request, question, or suggestion? Drop us a line at support@grooveshark.com.


  2. It has been a great year here at Grooveshark, and I am incredibly thankful for everyone’s support, style, and super-awesomeness. 

    This Thanksgiving, everyone at Grooveshark wants to let you know that what we’re really grateful for is your help. It sounds incredibly true cheesy, and it is, but Grooveshark literally could not function without everyone here.

    Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about the changes that are coming to Grooveshark VIP. We want to do everything we can to make sure that all of you who have supported Grooveshark get taken care of before the prices of VIP increase. With that in mind, we’ve added something new to our merch store.  

    In addition to getting the absolute best we have to offer for just $3 a month (or $30 a year) forever if you get it before December 1, we’ve also just put some awesome earrings into the Grooveshark Store that come with a free year of VIP. Get some sweet earrings for you (or someone you <3) for $18 and get a free year of VIP all at the same time. 

    All this next week we are going to be adding new items with great VIP deals attached, so stay tuned. And, again, we are thankful as hell for all of you.  

  3. aowins said: So glad I got a VIP subscription a while ago, best thing ever. I reinstalled my OS so all of my music from my hard drive is gone but I have GS (We cool if I call you guys that, ok) to fill in the void.. Looking forward to more cool themes, I've got the genie theme as of now!

    Thanks so much, aowins!  Cugini the Genie is one of my favorite themes, and I’m sorry to hear about your data loss.

    We’ll keep working if you keep grooving—and of course you can call me GS.

  4. As you know if you read the announcement we made a while back, or saw the gigantic counter over on our VIP page, the price of Grooveshark VIP is going up on December 1.  A few weeks ago, I wrote:

    "In order to keep our doors open, continue feeding Pickles, and keep compensating all of our artist and label partners for their great tunes, the price of VIP is set to increase on December 1.”

    As December 1 is nigh upon us, the change is almost here. Here’s what’s changing: $6/month (or $60/year) for Grooveshark Plus, and $9/month ($90/year) for Grooveshark Anywhere.

    Grooveshark Plus will include everything VIPs get now, with one exception: devices. Desktop app, no ads ever, priority support, and all the fixings—not to mention the love and appreciation of our small team—will be there.

    Grooveshark Anywhere gets you all the goodness of VIP, as well as Grooveshark Mobile, and the additional device partnerships and integrations we’re really excited about for 2011.

    While we wish we could give up eating to keep prices as low as possible, two things will never change.  

    1. Grooveshark will always be free. Listening to millions of songs, making playlists, and sharing tunes with your friends will always be free to your heart’s content.
    2. If you sign up for Grooveshark VIP at the current price before December 1, you will never be charged more than $3 a month. Your account will be grandfathered in, and you will have access to our mobile apps—and everything else we ever make.

    So if you’ve been putting it of, now is the time to go VIP. And if you have any questions, give me a comment or ask here!

  5. VIP? Awesome tutorial showing you how to use keyboard controls in Grooveshark Desktop.


  6. Did you know Grooveshark VIPs have beta access to some visualizers? This video will not show you how to access them—but it will show you how silly/stupid we are.

    On Preview or in Grooveshark Desktop, click on ‘Full Screen Mode’ on the bottom right (near the volume adjuster). Enjoy! And tell me what you think.

  7. Just added for testing to Grooveshark Preview: Facebook Connect! It’ll now let you—if you choose—automatically post songs to Facebook that you Favorite on Grooveshark.

    You can also tell your friends whenever you start a new playlist!

    The cool thing is that when you connect, it’ll doublecheck to see if any of your Facebook friends have Grooveshark accounts—and give you the chance to pick whose music you wanna follow on Grooveshark. So give it a go on Grooveshark Preview.