1. Grooveshark flew two of our top Broadcasters to New York City to experience live shows and meet artists during this year’s CMJ Music Marathon. Re-Live NYC’s biggest music festival through the eyes of Emmagician and Migmagnific in this four-part documentary. We’ll be releasing a new video each week, so be sure to follow along.

    Want to have an experience like this?

    CHAPTER 1: Arrival and Background

  2. Grooveshark Featured Video Friday

    Yet Again

    by Grizzly Bear

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  3. Featured Video Friday Grooveshark


    by Rone

  4. Grooveshark Featured Video Friday

    Polish Girl

    by Neon Indian

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  5. Featured Video Friday Grooveshark


    by Roc Marciano

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  6.   The group, composed of MC/songwriter Sonny Shotz, producer/manager Alexander Mendoza, and producer/engineer Mik Beats, came together in 2010 and has released two mix tapes Undeclared (2010) and The Drive In (2011). This past Tuesday they released a 17-track album, Generation X. Inspired by a diverse range of musical styles and by coupling socially conscious lyrics with high-energy production, the 17-track compilation holds appeal to fans of a varying range of genres including pop, indie, rock, hip-hop, techno, and country. The Dean’s List are the flagship group of aveNUE Music Partnerships, a new indie platform designed to help distribute and promote artists through strategic brand and media partnerships.

        Check out Generation X in our Featured Section or click their awesome site theme below enjoy & download the album. PROTIP: Before you get down to the full album, check out the video for the single “Youth,” below.

    For more awesomeness check out The Dean’s List on Facebook and Twitter.

    Love & Good Musical Grades,
    Grooveshark and The Dean’s List

  7. Happy Monday, Grooveworld! We’re happy to announce the official release of our first full Grooveshark Session. Live from Austin, Texas, here’s Grooveshark Sessions: SXSW 2011!

    As some of you know, we rolled into South by Southwest this year in a giant shrink-wrapped bus ready to make some mobile musical magic with a few of our favorite up-and-coming artists. We coordinated with our good friends at Medusa Records, Taylor Guitars, and Digital Shakedown to hook us up with slick guitars, recording equipment, A/V gear, mad skills, and a sharp-eyed editor to make the Sessions a reality. Thank y’all so much, we couldn’t have put it together without you.

    Our gorgeous Grooveshark Sessions theme includes live performances from Sondre Lerche, Surfer BloodApex Manor, Dion Roy, Eddie Spaghetti, Johnny Stimson, Ha Ha TonkaMaritime, and so many more! Awesome, right? Here’s a tasty little preview of Sondre Lerche performing Private Caller.

    How do you like the Sessions? Holler at us on Twitter and Facebook and let us know what you think and who you’d like us to record! We’re hoping to bring the awesome to a ton of music festivals this year.

  8. A couple weeks ago I mentioned Moogfest, happening in Asheville, North Carolina this coming October. It has a great line-up, with MGMT, Massive Attack, Big Boi and tons more awesome artists. But even awesomer: the folks behind the festival had a potluck dinner with us, and we decided to give away 5 pairs of tickets (10 total) to Moogfest to you guys—for free.

    Just pull up your webcam and take a short video telling me your Grooveshark username and why you would be the happiest person in the world if you got 2 tickets to go! Be fun, we’re looking for creativity!

    Post your video in the comments, or on our Facebook page!

  9. A puppy attacking a computer because of Grooveshark (via Adsnell2004)

    Are there any other cute pet+Grooveshark instances you know about?

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