Some of us have accumulated some pretty embarrassing stories resulting from meeting people that our friends’ assured us that we’d love. While we often expect these friendly recommendations to not work out, for Saidah Conrad, Eli McBean, and Roly Broere, it may have been one of the best decisions they have ever made.

Accompanied by Liam Clarke, Conrad, McBean, and Broere make up the Canadian electronic hip-hop group, Ain’t No Love. This foursome meshes together hip-hop rhymes, flawless vocals, and bass-infused electronica to create a sound that nearly possesses your body and forces you to nod along to their delicious hooks.

Grooveshark had the opportunity of not only getting the exclusive early release of their latest music video, Champion Babylon, but also we had the pleasure of having a very fun Skype date with these cool kids from Toronto and Montreal. While McBean couldn’t be present for our cyber rendezvous, the remaining 75% of the gang got to spend some intimate time with the Sharks. Saidah, Roly, and Liam gave us some insight into their creative process, their development as artists, and the inspirations behind their latest EP, Tears of Joy, slated to be released this Valentine’s Day.

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