1. Every now and again, we will get a Grooveshark fan making requests for t-shirts, free Grooveshark Anywhere, or maybe a shot glass…

    This was the first time Grooveshark was ever requested at a wedding!

    Roy, a super Shark, shares his truly incredible story with us about how his sister and brother-in-law incorporated Grooveshark in one of the most important days of their lives! We continue to be honored to be a part of such an awesome wedding!


    My sister’s wedding and Grooveshark

    Grooveshark sent me 150 Grooveshark sunglasses for everyone at my sister’s wedding. It’s a great, but slightly complicated story so let’s start at the beginning.

    My sister was getting married. That’s pretty awesome and I wanted to add something goofy to the mix. I have been known to wear Grooveshark sunglasses for real.. as in, not as a joke, real. So I decided to order Grooveshark sunglasses for the wedding party, for 10 people. Because this was a special occasion order, I got a little creative and wrote the following in the comment field on the order form.

    GROOVESHARK! stop. 
    my sister is getting MARRIED! stop. 
    These are for the wedding party. stop. 
    GROOVESHARK! stop.

    And that was that. I received the glasses in a few days, all 10 of them. The next day I was checking my email when I read the following message from Grooveshark Support.

    Hey Roy. Thanks so much for your Grooveshark Sunglasses order. We were so excited to hear that you were using them for your sister’s wedding. Thanks for being such an awesome Shark. How many people are you all expecting? Over.  
    Kieran - Grooveshark Dude 

    Nice one Grooveshark! I responded with the required info (150 people), to which he replied with a phone number asking for me to contact him. The next day, I gave him a ring and Kieran wanted to know if it was ok if they ship a large box to my address. I said, “yes!”, so quickly, thanked them, and hung up without ever asking what will be in the box.

    This phone conversation happened Sunday and the wedding was set for the coming Saturday. I was crossing my fingers that inside that box would be 150 Grooveshark sunglasses. 

    So Monday came, then Tuesday and Wednesday, and still no box. I was starting to get a little worried. Thursday and Friday. Nothing. Last chance Saturday morning. Nope, no package. On the upside, I had the original 10 groovesharks for the wedding party. All was not lost. 

    The wedding was a blast. My sister and her new husband did a bang up job and we put the 10 Grooveshark shades to great use at the wedding (more pictures at the bottom). Here’s the happy couple sporting the Groovesharks…

    So, that was that. But.. what happened to the large box that was sent to my address? Great question.

    After the wild weekend calmed and ended, I heard a knock at my apartment’s backdoor. It was my neighbor. He wanted to make sure that I knew about the large box addressed to me in the backyard. Clearly I did not know about this box.

    I ripped it open and yep… 150 Groovesharks!

    Turns out, the Groovesharks were delivered before the wedding, but the delivery person tossed them in the backyard (for package security reasons) and I never bothered to check there. 

    Over the past few months I have been giving these shades out to both friends and random people wherever I go. People love hearing this story and who doesn’t want a pair of Grooveshark shades? Checkout all the happy people in the shots below.

    Thanks for the awesome gesture Grooveshark! You are great people.


    For the original blog post and album of a ton of good lookin’ sharks sporting Grooveshark shades click here!

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