1. Most of New York’s subway systems are going wireless, which is amazing because it means I can stream music while I commute. And what has made this development even better is Grooveshark’s new easier, mobile-sharing functionality that let’s me share the music I’m streaming, directly from my phone.  


    Just click the song’s share button, copy the link & send to a friend. Voila!

    Many of us are hyper-connected these days to our mobile devices and our networks. Music itself is an entirely social entity – for me at least. Most songs in my playlists have a very specific person, mood or scenario associated with them. Streaming and sharing can keep memories alive and loved ones close, making this feature that much more important.

    What makes you want to share music? Do you have any songs in particular that really bring you back?

    -By Anna Murphy

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Update

Hey Sharks,
We have updated our Privacy Policy and made it cleaner, clearer, and more reader-friendly.

    Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Update

    Hey Sharks,

    We have updated our Privacy Policy and made it cleaner, clearer, and more reader-friendly.

  3. World, Meet Beluga. It’s Full of Awesome.

    We’ve Done It!

        Yesterday we officially launched Beluga. Beluga is the spiffy new open music insights platform powered by in-house market research and stream data from Grooveshark. A quick and simple search for any artist will yield access to a wealth of entirely anonymized information on demographic, cultural and lifestyle, socioeconomic, product affinity, music habit, and general market research characteristics and trends pertaining to that artist’s fanbase. Suspicious, you say? Don’t fret — there’s no catch. Beluga is completely free and no registration is required.

    Click on the images above to see the insights!

    How Beluga Works

        Every time a song is streamed on Grooveshark, a log is created for that stream and various bits of data associated with its listener are stored to that log. The listener data, e.g., age provided at registration or questions answered in our survey platform, is then anonymized to protect our users’ privacy and security, and subsequently fed into Beluga where basic statistical techniques are used to find strong correlations throughout log entries.
        Beluga collects data with complete transparency while still anonymizing user identities, creating pure listening-demand data, deep geographic and international music fan insight, pinpointed demographics, and first-party data unique to Beluga.
      You may wonder how we can provide such detailed insights while ensuring anonymity. The answer lies in the enormous sample size of listeners — with 20 million individuals using Grooveshark on a monthly basis to enjoy music, we can generate billions of stream logs without the threat of compromising our users’ privacy.

    Why Beluga Empowers Artists and Benefits Fans

    • Beluga helps artists to better understand and connect with their worldwide fanbase and make informed decisions when planning tour routes, buying/selling merchandise, and building their following.
    • Beluga helps brands by highlighting statistically significant correlations between listening habits and brands, providing insight into what’s trending in digital music consumption, while identifying typical demographic and psychographic characteristics of an artist’s or brand’s target audience.
    • Beluga helps fans by making it easier for the artists that you love to understand and connect with you. Not to mention the fun of exploring statistics on your favorite artists, e.g., on average, fans of Quiet Company tend to have iPhones, own no pets, prefer Flickr above other social networks, and are students or work in the tech industry as developers/programmers. Where do you fit in and what fun stats can you dig up on your favorite bands?

    Did we mention that it’s completely free and open to everyone?

    Questions? Check out Beluga’s FAQ and About pages!

    Love & Amazing Music Insights,
    Grooveshark & Beluga