1.     We have confirmed that the Grooveshark Page and App outage on Facebook was due to a copyright takedown request issued by a foreign entity. As a fellow US-based DMCA-compliant service, Facebook’s copyright notice and takedown process is very similar to Grooveshark’s. We are working with Facebook to reactivate the Grooveshark Page and App in accordance with their process. In fact, this incident has created an even stronger line of communication and cooperation between our two companies. In the meantime, because Grooveshark has never forced users to login using Facebook, all Grooveshark users are still able to login to the Grooveshark website with their email address — see this article for further direction, or to contact our support team with any questions.

        The total impact of the removal of our Facebook app thus far has been minimal, with less than a 1% impact in overall traffic to Grooveshark from this outage.


    UPDATE, 05-13-12: We completed Facebook’s notice, takedown and appeal process for our Facebook Page on Friday, and we’re happy to share that the official Grooveshark Facebook Page has been reinstated. 

  2. We’re so pumped to let you guys know that we’re hosting the Grooveshark Social Media Lounge tonight at Lollapalooza! The Music Blogger’s Association of America is hosting a launch party and Lollapalooza After Party tonight, headlined by Jay-Z’s tour DJ, DJ Young Guru, with performances by MTV Buzzworthy bands Hey Champ and Kids These Days.

    Grooveshark will be hosting the Social Media Lounge at the After Party tonight with sponsors including Fandemic, Universal Music Group Distribution, Alize, RedEye and MetroMix. We’ll also be putting on free-throw contests at an indoor basketball court with music memorabilia and swag as prizes for the winners.

    If you’re gonna be at Lollapalooza, be sure to stop by and say what’s up!