1. Hey everyone. Hope you’re having a lovely day. If you can, I’d definitely recommend getting outside and rolling in the green grass and breathing deeply of the blue skies and the trees. The trees!

    RC14 was released last night. It was a tinier one, but I think you’ll be happy with these changes:

    For Subscribers:

    • Rejoice! Last.FM Scrobbling is BACK! Sorry for the inconvenience.
    • Our visualizer has been launched and features five styles. The visualizer is conveniently located beneath the menu button. If you have music in your queue, the menu button is above it on the far right side of your screen and is labeled with a “# Songs”:

    For Everyone!:

    • The site should load more quickly.
    • Drag and Drop works more intuitively.
    • DUBSTEP and 80’s RADIO have been released. Let us know how you like them!

    As usual, feel free to come say hello on Facebook or Twitter!

  2. You guys know that we are working hard to fix the things that piss you off have been problematic in the new Grooveshark. A lot of updates have been made, but among them:

    • Anyone with a space in their password was unable to login because of the app wanting to take control of the spacebar for player controls can now, uh, login again. 
    • Scrobbling from Grooveshark has been updated to support the updates that Last.fm made recently to how music services (like us!) submit tunes you play over to your Last.fm account. 
    • A bug that forced users to log in immediately after signing up for a Grooveshark account is no more. 

    I should also mention that we’ve started a new release protocol for updates to Grooveshark, so it’ll be a lot easier for us to let you know exactly what’s been changed. Starting now!

    Oh, and while we were updating, we decided to throw up a nifty new holiday theme.

    Screen shot 2010-12-16 at 3.15.07 AM

    Enjoy, and don’t forget to find some good holiday playlists!

  3. Oh, hey! A video about how VIPs can turn on scrobbling to Last.fm.