1. The Artful Shark

        With most site themes that we do, we like to get creative with it. The most recent Valentine’s Day theme we did for Samsung featuring the slick GALAXY Note included an interactive feature that let users write notes and draw images using a virtual stylus, with the option save whatever image was created. After seeing the awesome caliber of artfulness displayed by our users, it only seemed appropriate to feature the choicest designs. Check them out below!


    This last one, albeit not done from the site theme, we thought
    was awesome enough that we had to share it.

    Love & Sweet Pix,

  2. Today Is the Day to Show Your Love!

            Hey, remember Friday, when we previewed Samsung’s awesome Valentine’s theme?

    Samsung’s Awesome Valentine’s Theme!


            Show the ones you love what they mean to you with a special song just for them. Samsung’s Share a Love Note widget lets you show that affection almost instantaneously.

    Click “Get Started” to bring up the Widget-O-Love sharing window.

    Widget-O-Love as it will appear to your lucky recipients

    Warming the Heart with Playlists by Samsung

            Curious what other people are listening to while swooning over their significant others? Take a peek at the playlists in the Samsung Valentine’s Day Playlist Channel, where you can see the top-ranking playlists put together by other loversharks, just like yourself!

    Every love needs a soundtrack — Let Grooveshark & Samsung help you find yours!

    Get Creative! Scribble Those Feelings!

            Click the Samsung GALAXY Note on the theme to draw notes on the GALAXY Note with the virtual stylus. Have fun with it — make it a surprise by leaving messages for your loved one to find on their Grooveshark home screen!

    Look at that sexy device. Phone? Tablet? It’s GALAXY Note!

    Grooveshark & Samsung