1.     As part of an ongoing partnership with Saddle Creek, an independent record label from Omaha, Nebraska, we created this site theme to promote two of their latest album releases, GENERALS by The Mynabirds and UNITED STATES OF BEING by PUJOL. Check out the site theme below to stream both full albums, as well as snag a free download of the Saddle Creek Summer Sampler.

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    “scuzzy, catchy tracks that combine youthful energy with lyrical precociousness… UNITED STATES OF BEING is loud, a little grimy and fun as hell.”
    – Rolling Stone

    “wildly fun, immediate, and memorable.” - All Music Guide “This madman of rock ‘n’ roll speaks like a young philosopher king.”
    - Spinner

    “His lyrics and hooks are so good that often times he seems more like an early electric Dylan than the punk greats he probably more closely looks up to. And he pulls it all off with a slightly sinister carelessness that could make him a star if he wants it.”
    - American Songwriter

    “The band, whose sonic slurry consists of two parts gritty punk, one part Weezer- like alt pop-rock and a dash of psychedelia, will channel its infectious aggro into an exploration of relationships on the album.”
    – CMJ

    The Mynabirds

    Reviews of GENERALS:

    "Generals is openhearted, politically engaged, feminist pop. Burhenn bookends the record with the plea, "I’d give it all, for a legacy of love," signaling that she’s willing to sacrifice personal gain for the broader good, instead of setting the whole thing ablaze. Maybe it’s just her voice (and god, that voice), but I believe her."
    - Pitchfork

    “Her gospel-tinged vocals rise over handclap syncopation, like the protest songs of Neil Young, but with the upbeat pop hooks of Gotye.”
    – MTVIggy

    “‘Body of Work’ has Dirty Projectors-level interlaced melodies layered with influences of ’80s new wave and African rhythms, like a denser, sharper Feist.”
    - Diffuser

    “Her smoky, soulful voice is absolutely ravishing”
    - USA Today

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    Love and Sweet Album Releases,

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