1. …and gives back.


    Whether you’ve listent to Tupac Shakur’s heartfelt classic, “Dear Mama,” or recounted the instances Jay-Z has been extolled in any Kanye West interview,  it is inarguable that hip-hop heavy-weights give their mentors and communities of origin unparalleled praise and suport. However, despite the awareness that urban chart-toppers are bringing to each other, hip-hop radio personality, King Tech, believes it might be better if some of the spotlight were allocated elsewhere in the hip-hop ecosystem.

    Utilizing the power and listener base of his XM Radio broadcast, The Wake Up Show, King Tech along with MTV host, Sway, are showing that one of the most important aspects of the hip-hop community is giving back. The on-air duo have decided to focus their efforts on a cause and an issue that is happening behind the scenes of the hip-hop mainstream.

    Actor, producer, emcee, and hip-hop contributor Reggie “Saafir” Gibson, has recently experienced severe health issues that have left him unable to walk. After getting wind of Saafir’s health, and his even more crippling medical expenditures, the Wake Up Show hosts decided to create the The Will to Walk campaign. Through this campaign, King Tech explains that he hopes to alleviate some of the financial burden it will take to have Saafir back on his feet again. 

    Despite the beauty of this mission, getting this cause successfully funded is going to take an effort from hip-hop listeners and influencers around the web. To contribute to the cause, click the link below and join the The Wake Up Show in support of Saafir. 

    To read more on this story, head over to AllHipHop.com to read their interview with King Tech.

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  2. This week we would like to introduce to you the up-and-coming hip hop artist, Rapsody.  You may recognize the name from our recent Stankonia Sessions Mixtape where she dropped a verse on 9th Wonder’s Part of the Game. Rapsody's a female rapper who stands out amongst the crowd with her unique rhyme patterns, wordplay and use of metaphors which resonate in her latest project, For Everything. She finds inspiration from the likes of Michael Jackson, 9th Wonder, Mos Def and Lauryn Hill which you can feel after giving her material a good listen.  It’s been a huge year for Rapsody with For Everything being her third solo album and from the looks of it there seems to be no end in sight for the hungry rapper. Stream the brand new album and get to know her below!

    The Basics
    · Name: Rapsody
    · Hometown: Snow Hill, North Carolina

    What instruments do you play? 

    I rock microphones.

    Who would your dream collaboration be with? 


    Describe your music in 3 words. 

    Lyrical. Poetic. Passionate.

    What’s your spirit animal?


    What song is your guiltiest pleasure?

    Rich Boy - Throw Some D’s 

    What movie do you wish you made the soundtrack to?

    Brown Sugar

    And last but not least, what’s your favorite food?

    Pesto pasta and chicken

    Rapsody’s For Everything is a 14-track album that shows her unique style and incredible talent. Check out the album below or on Grooveshark, and as always, let us know what you think!

  3. To all of our users who love to get down to some Rap and Hip Hop… you have not been forgotten! In your honor, a few sharks headed up to Atlanta during the AC3 Hip Hop Festival and rented out the legendary Stankonia Studios to give musical birth to a new mixtape: Grooveshark Presents… Stankonia Sessions: A3C Edition (Hosted by Royal Flush and SMKA).

    The seven-track mixtape, a group effort by Grooveshark, Stankonia Studios, Royal Flush Entertainment and SMKA Productions, is exclusively streaming for free on Grooveshark! We’re pretty sure you’re going to have some fun with this mixtape with tracks including Part of the Game”, “Feeling Free”, and “Shake It” by artists such as the Ying Yang Twins, 9th Wonder, Killer Mike, Freeway and Jarren Benton.

    “There was an amazing vibe in Stankonia all weekend,” said Mike Walbert of SMKA Productions. “Every artist that came through brought a great energy and unique creativity to the project. We spent 14 plus hours in the studio each day and are really excited about the music that came out of the Stankonia Sessions during A3C.  It was the perfect storm with A3C and Stankonia Studios and we are glad Grooveshark was able to make it happen.” 

    Artists were invited to choose from 20 tracks created by Grammy-nominated Royal Flush Entertainment and SMKA Productions to write their own verse on the spot. This challenge encouraged a range of your favorite rappers to get creative quickly and record an entire track in under 3 hours.

    Click here to check out the mixtape for yourself, and let us know what you think!  

  4. Hey Sharks, happy Monday! We’re starting a new Monday tradition where we’ll introduce a new Grooveshark Artist to all of y’all, beginning with rapper Will Brennan. 

    Will’s new cd album The Road Not Taken blends traditional hip hop with soul, rock and electronic influences. We dig it for its rich lyrics dealing with real life experiences. 

    We’re featuring Will on a site theme, which went live this afternoon. 

    The Road Not Taken is available for download at DJBooth.net

    Follow Will on twitter here: @thewillbrennan and check out http://www.willbrennan.net/ for more info.