1. Not long ago, we launched a completely new version of Grooveshark. Built mostly on HTML5, the new version has been faster and prettier for a lot of you. We know that some of you still don’t like the changes—and that we’ve had some bugs in it that have made the transition even harder.

    We’ve really been working hard to try to update everything to the level you expect from the shark. We’ve also been overwhelmed with questions from you guys, so your patience has been very much appreciated.

    Here are some answers to a few of the questions a lot of you have been having.

    Q: I’m a Grooveshark Plus or Anywhere subscriber, where can I download Grooveshark Desktop?

    A: Click here, and make sure you have Adobe AIR installed. It’s not as updated as Grooveshark right now, but as soon as it is the app will automatically notify you.

    Q: Grooveshark isn’t working right. I’m getting a white screen, a blank screen, my saved music isn’t showing up.

    A: Make sure you have the latest version of Flash installed.

    If that doesn’t work, try opening Grooveshark in another browser.

    To be really sure, make sure your browser is accepting cookies. To make sure, go to Tools->Options->Privacy, then check Accept Cookies.

    Q: I’m having way too many problems with the new Grooveshark. Can I just go back to the old site?

    A: Yes! For the time being, you can access the old Grooveshark by going to http://retro.grooveshark.com. We can’t promise that will be up forever, but until we get all the kinks sorted out with the new Grooveshark, we want you to be able to keep grooving.

    Q: Where are all the old themes?

    It’ll take us a little time to convert all the old themes from Flash to HTML, but we are certainly working on it. 

    Q: Even though my subscription is set to recurring, Grooveshark is telling me that it’s non-recurring!

    A: Don’t worry—it’s just a display error with the account. Right now it is just telling you it’s non-recurring, and we’re working on fixing that bug. If you’re sure your account was set to recur, it still is.

    We can’t tell you enough times how much we love you, and I really appreciate all your patience with the updates. If you’re loving the new Grooveshark, awesome! If not, we’ll keep updating everything—and keep you posted—as the week goes on.

  2. epidelic said: GS rocks! Any plans for some kind of virtual equalizer? It's the only thing I feel like I'm missing. Thanks!

    We’d love to have an equalizer so that your ears don’t get destroyed switching from psych-rock to freak-folk; too many Grooveshark interns have suffered permanently this way.

    The problem we have is that we simply don’t have the processing power to churn through every single one of the millions of songs on Grooveshark in order to establish comparable levels. Combine that with the constant influx of new songs everyday, and it becomes a feat even sites like YouTube experience.

    In short, I hear ya! (No pun intended.)

  3. Considering some new, temporary stuff for the store: what do you think?  Earrings made out of recycled vinyl!

    The ninjas over at Hype Machine have some, and we thought they were pretty nifty.

  4. I’ll keep this short and sweet—there are two questions I’d love to have answered:

        1.What would you like to see more of out of Grooveshark on the blog? More photos? Tutorials? Updates? Videos? FUN?!


      Reblog with suggestions, photo reply, or leave a Disqus comment!

    1. Have you guys used Tinysong? It’s a standalone website made by us that gives links to any track on Grooveshark in a super-quick fashion.

      Since it’s a simple website, built to do one thing—and quickly—I got to realizing that often if I just want to pull up one song randomly, I’ll go to Tinysong, search for it, and click the Play button to preview it.

      Also, here is a random commercial for Tinysong made by a fan on YouTube:

      Is Tinysong the fastest way to hear a song on the entire internet?