1. Above: Main Stages + Camp

    As part of our awesome summer festival partnership with Bacardi+, Grooveshark experienced three days of amazing music at Camp Bisco, an annual music festival held in Mariaville, New York. We set out on the road to Bisco early morning Wednesday, July 11, for a music experience that attracts an estimated crowd of 25,000 people. Here’s a recap of our time there!

    Top: The crowd at Portugal the Man

    Grooveshark and Bacardi+ ran the Media Tent at Bisco, serving as the hub for all media agents at the festival. Every morning, media teams gathered in the tent to be briefed on festival updates.

    With free WiFi, phone charging hubs, Bacardi+ Pre-Mixed cocktails, and a Grooveshark listening station to preview which artists to catch next, our tent saw hundreds of media, artist, and VIP faces throughout the festival.

    Above Left: Grooveshark/Bacardi+ tent
    Above Right: Look at that swag!
    Below Left: Press briefing in progress
    Below Right: Grooveshark listening station

    VIP’s and media agents also visited the tent for free Grooveshark/Bacardi+ gear. We gave away so much! Here’s a quick breakdown:

    • 250 beach balls
    • 500 lighters
    • 300 coozies
    • 400 bottle openers
    • 500 plastic cups
    • 600 stickers
    • 300 premium ear plugs (courtesy of Bacardi+)

    Bassnectar and Skrillex dominated the main stage with awesome sets. Skrillex had a media blackout which was lifted right before his show and allowed us to get some awesome shots

    Top & Above Left: Skrillex
    Above Right, Bottom Left, & Bottom Right: Bassnectar

    Everyone was wearing bandanas as a result of the massive amount of dust at the festival; however, the rain on the second night made for an enjoyable third day.

    Above: One day of dust at Bisco

    The festival also attracted a variety of Go-go dance troupes, notably the Kitty Koalition, who made frequent stops in the tent for dancing and cocktails. These troupes dressed up in outrageous costumes and hustled their ways on stage to dance alongside some of the festival’s biggest-named artists.


    There were also a lot of remnant bikers scattered around the festival from a motorcycle rally on-site the week before. They were all friendly and added to the diverse culture in attendance.


    We experienced a lot of awesome things at Bisco, but one of our favorites was the sunset as viewed by a $5 ride on the ferris wheel.

    Want to see more pictures? Head over to the album on Photobucket!
    Want to see more work by the photographer? Head over to Jesse Lash Photography to check out his other work!

    Love and Fun Festival Times,

  2. Kelly and the Hermanos - They’re as Awesome as They Look

        One of the many benefits of working directly with artists is that we’re exposed to an incredibly diverse range of unique musical styles and talent. One particularly awesome band of musicians, Kelly and the Hermanos, set aside time from gearing up for their May 26th album release show in NYC to grace us with a live performance this past Friday (5/11) in Grooveshark’s New York Office. Their particular brand of music? A “soundscape of an old timey western, wrought with love, despair and adventurous action that just happens to take place underwater.” The band has spent the last year recording their aptly named debut album “Underwater Western” and performing across the Northeast. We were thrilled to hear that the band uses Grooveshark to help stoke the fires that fuel their creative process.

    “Grooveshark has been a great way for the band to bring our different musical tastes together. Every time we hang out we’ve got it up on the computer making playlists that combine each of the band members favorite music, from old country songs to indie rock and pop music. This in turn helps develop our sound based on the mixture of the music we enjoy to create something that is the sum of all our loves.”
    –Kelly & The Hermanos 

        We know they’re excited to share their new album with the Grooveshark Community, so if you find yourself in or around New York City on May 26, make your way over to the Rockwood Music Hall for the “Underwater Western” release party and show them some love from the Sharks.

        Of course, no story on a live performance would be complete without pictures! Check them out below. :)


    Love & Sweet Underwater Westerns,

  3. The Artful Shark

        With most site themes that we do, we like to get creative with it. The most recent Valentine’s Day theme we did for Samsung featuring the slick GALAXY Note included an interactive feature that let users write notes and draw images using a virtual stylus, with the option save whatever image was created. After seeing the awesome caliber of artfulness displayed by our users, it only seemed appropriate to feature the choicest designs. Check them out below!


    This last one, albeit not done from the site theme, we thought
    was awesome enough that we had to share it.

    Love & Sweet Pix,