1. For our Plus and Anywhere Subscribers, we released a new theme this week; James Rizzi has created this super-colorful avian masterpiece for your desktop delight.

    We like to have some fun around the office on Friday — so we do. We’re releasing at least three new shirts in the merch store real soonlike, and decided we’d take a little time and have a real life photoshoot. Big thanks to Rebekah, Rachel, Spenser, and Tilton for coming along for the ride. Here are some of the highlights:

  2. Since the addition of Community Feeds to Grooveshark, I’ve been finding more music than ever—all from my friends.  On top of that, checking out the Recently Active tab lets you see a feed of all sorts of different users interacting with Grooveshark.

    The only problem? Nobody has a profile pic!  So go to Grooveshark (logged in), and check out your Settings, where you can add a spiffy, nice picture of yourself! Pretty please!