Some sharks may have gotten a peek at the music video and brand promotions we started testing earlier this week. We’re excited to share some of the vision we have for this platform and the potential it has to help emerging artists. Check out the official press release copied below. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so if you have any feedback, suggestions, or ideas on how we can help artists even more, email us  — we’re always stoked to hear from you.

If you’re a blogger or reporter and want to share the good news, feel free to grab the PDF version: GroovesharkEmergingArtistPromotions.pdf


Gainesville, FL — (March 28, 2012) — Grooveshark, the largest internationally available music streaming and discovery service, has begun rolling out a compelling new video engagement platform this week.

The video engagements will showcase artist music videos and brand advertisements as part of a broader objective to bring more exposure to emerging artists. This engagement tool is among several new initiatives being launched in the coming months designed to help empower emerging artists through the use of Grooveshark’s platform, brand partnerships, and passionate user base.

Example music video promotion.

The videos currently only appear based on an algorithm that identifies the most active and influential Grooveshark users, those who have the greatest ability to spread the word on new music and artists. Users will see no more than one 15- to 60-second promotional video for every four hours of music listening.

"Artists are always asking us for new ways to share their music with the world and connect with new fans. By involving our most engaged users, who are more likely to be influencers, these videos become a unique and powerful promotional tool for artists, labels, producers, brands, everyone involved," said Alex Hoffman, Grooveshark’s Director of Artist Services. "We’re just getting started, but over time we expect to connect fans, artists and music videos based upon musical tastes. Our goal is to make these as personal, relevant, and enjoyable as possible."

A sample of artists highlighted during launch include The Tenant, DWNTWN and Quiet Company. The results with these artists have been astounding during the one-month test period. Before featuring The Tenant’s music video for “Mystery Mountain,” it had only 1,800 views on YouTube. After being featured on Grooveshark’s video platform, the video rose to about 183,000 views, or about a 10,000 percent increase in views.

"Our video view count jumped by more than 75,000 plays in a week and our Likes and comments more than quadrupled," said Dave Kay of The Tenant. "It’s amazing the number of new fans we’ve gained just because people are seeing the video. The exposure has been great."

Viewership impact chart

Artists and brands who are interested in being featured, including those with Kickstarter or other support campaigns who could benefit from Grooveshark’s video engagement platform, should contact

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