Last week we talked about some updates to Grooveshark for Android and for iPhone, and this week we get to announce tons of updates to the Grooveshark app for Palm WebOS.

It has been a long time coming—here’s what’s new:

  • Shuffle - You can now shuffle your Now Playing songs.  You can also enable shuffling automatically anytime you add a playlist to your queue.
  • Dashboard Player - Whenever you start playing something, a dashboard player will open up. You can find it through the notifications section, and have quick access back to the player when you want it.
  • Low Bitrate Playback - If your connection is slow, or you’re in an area with bad reception, you can still use Grooveshark. We’ll just play slightly lower quality versions of the songs, so the required bandwidth is lower.
  • Search Filtration - Once you search for music, you can now filter through the results.

To read the full list of changes, read more!

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