1. Good news! We just released updates to three of our mobile platforms: iPhone, Symbian, and Android. Check out the new features and bug fixes in these updates.

    iPhone v. 2.2.0, available in Cydia:

    Bugs Fixed:

    • Loading playlists on older devices is fixed
    • General stability increased
    • Your favorites now load more quickly.
    • Better offline stability.
    • Improved playback buffering.
    • Improved sorting performance.
    • Radio station (user or tag) persists between sessions.
    •  Overall increase in app responsiveness.


    • New “Refresh” feature! Sync changes to your playlists and favorited songs from the cloud in seconds.

    Symbian update 1.2, available at m.grooveshark.com


    • If a song fails to offline, the song is pushed back into the offline queue and two more attempts to offline it will be made.
    • Song Duration and Cover Art now displayed for offlined songs.

    Bug Fixes:

    • The API has been updated to use the latest Methods.
    • List functionality changed to speed up the application
    • Settings screen updated to display version number, amount of disk space used and ability to clear all offlined content.
    • Number of songs fetched increased to 600 (up from 100)
    • Now Playing icon now shows which song is playing.
    • You can now save Volume level and other settings

    Android 2.2.1:

    Bug Fixes:

    • Various changes to HTC EVO problems.
    • Fixed Playlist/Station crashes on Android 1.5 phones.
    • Improved application liveliness, responsiveness, and startup time.
    • Improved album art offlining and caching.
    • Improved playback across most devices.
    • Fixed configuration change bugs.
    • Various fixes to playlist and favorites syncing.


  2. The Grooveshark Mobile Team is constantly working crazy hours to make sure the apps are perfected.  I figured I should let you know what they have been up to lately:

    We finally added support for Nokia (Symbian) touchscreen phones.  Just head to m.grooveshark.com on your phone to download the app. 

    Android 2.0.1 is live!  Your phone should tell you to update if you already have the app (just find it in the market otherwise). Check out the change log:

    • Widgets! Three widgets are available: regular, large, square, allows you to control playback and see the current song from outside of the app.


    • App should now show up for 2.2 (Froyo) users.
    • Fixed playlist songs order bug. Songs were listed and played out of order.
    • Fixed dialog orientation change problems. On screen rotate, alert dialogs would be hidden.
    • When in shuffle the incorrect current song would be shown on screen rotate.
    • During startup, if the splash screen is seen for more than 5 seconds (because of a slow network), a progress dialog is shown.
    • Playlists in search results now show username.
    • Fixed several shuffle and player button state bugs.
    • When in shuffle and “play next” is chosen on a playlist, the first song from the playlist is played and the rest are added to the shuffle queue.
    • Fixed playlist share URL bug.
    • Player back button now skips back to the beginning of a the active song, then to the previous track if clicked again.
    • Exit button now kills the QueueService.
    • Fixed a major problem with acquiring/releasing wake locks that caused major battery drain.
    • Fixed a bug in the player cache: if the cache was enabled but bytes allocated was zero, queue would never skip to next song.
    • During shuffle, if selecting a song to play outside of the queue, the song would add but not play immediately.
    • Fixed Tinysong URL bug (app would sometimes hang forever loading a Tinysong URL).

    Let us know what you think of the changes!  I promise I will pester the mobile team until all of you are totally satisfied.

    Don’t forget, you can always keep up with the latest Grooveshark Mobile info at http://mobile.grooveshark.com