Grooveshark is full of pretty big music geeks, so it’s only natural that whenever music performances take place in our hometown (Gainesville, Florida!), we’ve got to be there. We’re fortunate that Gainesville often finds itself on a lot of great artists’ tour routes. We love to invite artists to our office to kick back a bit, share their insight and experiences from the tour, feast upon cuisine prepared by our in-house chef, and, if we’re lucky, record some awesomeness here in our own office.
        The past few weeks we’ve had the pleasure of having some of those artists visit our office. Here’s a recap of some of the artists who have come by recently.

Above: Emancipator came in and we got a great interview with him and his violinist.

Above: Emancipator tour dog! We theorize that all domesticated animals love Grooveshark. Soft shirts!

Above: Marley Carroll swung by and showed off some crazy turntable skills — be on the lookout for the upcoming Grooveshark Presents video (Instagram link).

Above: The one-man band/touring machine Netherfriends dropped in to lay down a short set in our music room (Instagram link).

Above: Matt Pryor (singer/songwriter of The Get Up Kids) stopped in with his son, the esteemed Mr. Jersey, and recorded an acoustic set (Instagram link)!

Above: Badfish played a show in Gainesville, we stopped by the venue for a chance to meet them.

        If you’re an artist coming through Gainesville on tour, get in touch with us, stop by, pickup a shirt, and grab some dinner at the office. We’d love to meet you!

PRO-TIP:    If you’re on an iPhone, follow our Instagram account (@grooveshark) for the latest and greatest artists to visit the Grooveshark Offices.