We’ve rounded up some of the best Grooveshark extras we’ve discovered across the web to bring you some variety in your Grooveshark user-experience! If you haven’t checked out any of these awesome sites below, be sure to take a look and let us know if there’s a special add-on or site you can’t live without.


Listen to the latest songs from the UK, US and iTunes charts. You can create a playlist of your favorite songs to listen to at any time, search past and present songs from their music archive, and easily share your favorite songs with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more.


A site dedicated to helping you find new tracks based on your music taste. PlaylistLove lets you recommend songs to people, while giving you a playlist with 10 songs each week picked by people with similar music tastes. It recommends songs to similar users based on a defined set of music tastes. For a limited time, PlaylistLove has given Grooveshark 1000 invites! To signup, use the invite code: GSRULEZ or click here.

XBMC Grooveshark

XMBC is a tv-like interface for computers, tablets and set-top boxes. If you’ve been craving for grooveshark on one of these devices, you can now download the XBMC Grooveshark add-on and have instant access to all the things you love about Grooveshark: search for songs, listen to your playlists, and favorite the tracks you love.

Grooveshark Playlists

As previously mentioned, Grooveshark Playlists is a site solely dedicated to helping you find and share playlists. You can register as a user and upload your own playlists- or you can simply search and browse the ones that are listed and download or play what you’re interested in.


The Boxee Box by D-Link gets your favorite online content- TV shows, movies and now streaming music- to your HDTV in a way that finally makes sense. It’s everything you love about Grooveshark, right from your living room.