1. Share Music, Show You Care

            For 2012’s holiday of love, Samsung is presenting Grooveshark users an innovatively expressive way to share heart-felt music with those they cherish through Facebook widgets with considerate, personalized messages.

    A preview of Samsung’s spiffy Valentine’s Day theme

    Your Love, in a Facebook Widget

            Use Samsung’s Share a Love Note widget to leave songs on the Facebook walls of those you adore. It takes only a click to get your beloved gushing with emotion at the songs you think are just right for them.

    Click “Get Started” to bring up the Widget-O-Love sharing window.

    Presenting the Widget-O-Love as it will appear to your lucky recipients

    Samsung Offers Playlists from the Heart

            You can also let your significant others know what playlists get you thinking about your feelings for them by sharing playlists from the Samsung’s Valentine’s Day Playlist Channel.

    Every love needs a soundtrack — let Samsung & Grooveshark help you find yours.

    Draw Your Feelings - Get Creative!

            Click the Samsung GALAXY Note on the theme to open an interactive screen where you draw notes with the virtual stylus. Have fun with it — make it a surprise by leaving messages for your loved one to find on their Grooveshark home screen!

    Look at that sexy device. Phone? Tablet? It’s GALAXY Note!

    Grooveshark & Samsung

  2. Happy Wednesday, Grooveworld. We are refreshed after this the long weekend and are ready to take on the month of July. There’s a lot of really great changes coming down the line — we’re literally squirming with excitement.

    First things first. The Uploader is working again. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by the downtime, we had to do some critical last-minute maintenance. You can now upload to your heart’s content, but please remember that it takes up to 24 hours for your music to show up on-site and that we prefer if you upload .mp3 files at this time.

    Second, with this update, Grooveshark is now in Greek and Ukranian — thanks to the effort of two dudes on a mission! We’ve got to give some super-props to these national heroes. If you run into either of these guys, you should definitely buy them a sandwich or beverage of their choosing. High-fives to George Z. for translating the entire website into Ukranian, and Pavlos D. for translating Grooveshark into Greek from the ground up. If you’re a clever linguist and want to help translate Grooveshark, please register to translate on  Grooveshark Translate!

    Third, we’ve added a setting that should allow you to change your customURL. Check out the Settings menu for the option:

    Lastly, we’ve revamped our “Rowstate” menus — these are the menus that pop-up when you Right-Click on any song icon in Grooveshark. We’ve made these menus more robust and added icons for the graphically-enthused. Right-click any song in Grooveshark today to check them out.

    We also fixed a slew of bugs, and we hope you enjoy the improved Grooveshark. As usual, if you’re having troubles viewing any of these changes (or the site) please clear your cookies and refresh your browser. If you’d like to talk, please holler at us on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or email us at support@grooveshark.com

  3. We asked our Twitter and Facebook fans what Grooveshark Radio Station they’d like to see us create. HERE ARE THE MOST POPULAR RESPONSES. Thank you for your feedback, we’re going to take it into account as we roll out new features and Radio Stations!

    *These results are 100% unscientific, but we’re serious when we thank you for your input. :)

    If you’ve never used Grooveshark Radio, it’s super-easy! You can either line up a few of your favorite songs in your queue and activate the Radio like so:

    Or you can load up any of our custom stations and go with the flow! If you don’t like what you’re hearing, we promise you can have infinite skips!

  4. Grooveshark has partnered up with our friends at Atomix and Encore to present you with VirtualDJ Broadcaster, an amazing set of tools that are both accessible to beginners who are interested in the basics of DJ-ing and robust enough to support the needs of a professional DJ. With Virtual DJ, you can mix, record, and broadcast your mixes to the world.


    Want to get your hands on a copy? We’re giving away two. Follow us on the ol’ Twitter or your favorite Facebook and tell us why we should send you a copy. :)

  5. We know we’ve had trouble this week, and for that we’re really sorry! Between not loading, giving stream errors, and unexpected downtime we really feel like jerks.

    But fret not—we are working very, very hard to make the problems go away. Just a few moments ago, we realized Pickles the Panda was throwing a dance party in our server room, which caused most of the issues so far!

    More updates soon, and in the meantime, let’s blame Pickles!

  6. Earlier this week we had some trouble. A lot of you guys ran into problems with Grooveshark, particularly on Monday and Tuesday. There were theme problems. There were mystery problems.

    There were problems, and we are sorry—and, love, we don’t quite know exactly how we’re going to make it up to you yet. All we ask is that you give us a chance; just one chance. 

    You mean the world to us sharks, and all I want is to be the resolution to all the fruitless searches (for a truly awesome online music site, that is).

    What do you say?

    [via Say Anything from Grooveshark on Vimeo]